Takata Vs Sparco


A little bit of a phone in post for right now, as I finish up editing something for later today, but for some reason I don’t see you guys minding too much… Which harness would you choose? Work Warning: Scantly clad (not naked) girls inside.

Securely fastened for saftey
Securely fastened for saftey
Real or fake? I mean the harness
Real or fake? I mean the harness

Safety first here at Stance Is Everything.


  1. Well, I have to say first of all, it’s kinda nice being immune to the majority of advertising when it comes to cars. I love my girls, but it’s the cars, not the girls I’m talking about.

    I will admit to wanting to take a picture like this in my own car, but my harness is a Corbeau and my chest isn’t nearly so big, so ya wouldn’t see too much….. 3 inch harnesses got me pretty well covered. It’s kinda nice being a girl with car, I don’t have to pay for models if I want a girl/car picture! 😛

    I’m thinking I’m gonna end up with a Takata in my 240SX though. Mmmmm, nice green harness on a black (& silver, possibly) Bride seat. Yeah, that sounds good. 🙂

  2. Green on black would look pretty good, if I got a harness for a non street car I would probably get something pretty bright. It’s weird that bright green products get ripped off so much *cough*tein*cough*

    I think you should take the picture anyway 😛 could be good for your traffic 😉

  3. LOL maybe, the only pictures I took and posted where some of me & my car to fend off the haters on car domain. Seems there’s some weird thing out there (perpetuated by car models, I think) that guys don’t think cute girls are actually in to cars. I enjoy breaking the stereotype, quite a bit.

    In fact, I plan on spending the November autocross in a mini skirt, just to say I’ve raced in a skirt before. 😉

    I wanted to get a hot pink harness for the Miata, but I couldn’t find one from a company I was fond enough of. I saw a girl in South Dakota autocrossing an old Sentra SE-R and she had hot pink harnesses, which I loved enough to want to duplicate. (I am so not a pink girl, but the irony of girlie colored racing harnesses was too much to not like!) Instead, I ended up with my purple Corbeau five-point. I love it. 😀 I just wish they made purple shoulder pads too, it’s not very comfortable to me without them.

  4. I’d definitely LOVE to get some photos like this eventually with a smokin’ model. It’s hard getting certain shots with models at shows, mostly because guys realize what’s going on, and the next thing ya know, there’s a huge group of people swarmed around you getting the exact same shots…so much for exclusive, right?

    I know nothing about harnesses, but DAMN! I’m digging the Sparco’s since it’s in a Subie…and you know of my forbidden love for subies…mmm, STi *drools* haha 😉

    Thanks for Sharing Dave!


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