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2012 Canadian International Auto Show Part: 1

By now I am sure most of you are aware that the Canadian International Auto Show is currently being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center until February 26th.

In addition to your typical auto show fare (concept cars, new models, 2012 updates, and so forth) the show also has a number of specialty rooms showcasing Triumps, Classic cars, and Exotic cars.

Most of the coverage I have seen online overlooks these rooms so instead of starting with the manufacturer rooms the Stance Is Everything coverage will focus on three of the specialty rooms.

Not being obligated to attend any of the press conferences opened up a lot of great photo opportunities on media day.

Legendary Motorcar and the The Pagaini Zonda R

Of the three rooms posted today the Auto Exotica room is the one that has received the most coverage online largely in part to Legendary Motorcar Company (whom I visted in 2010) bringing along the privately owned Pagani Zonda R they store at the Milton facility when the owner is not driving it around the track.

One very expensive, very beautiful, track toy

Currently the only one with black wheels instead of gold

Getting photos of this was particularly hard due to where it was positioned and the foot traffic around it


If you’ve never been to LMC it is totally worth the trip, I plan to go back in the spring and see what else is new since my visit.

Auto Exotica

In addition to the Zonda R the Auto Exotica room also held host to a variety of other exotics far out of the price range of the average man or woman.

LMCs Barnfind 300SL that they got from the second owner

The Fisker Karma was a treat to see, a 400hp luxury hybrid sounds like a fun time

Pfaff Tuning and McLaren Toronto brought this MP4-12C

The twin turbo v8 back their spits out 592 horse... no big deal..

This color is simply amazing in person

Pfaff Tuning also wanted to highlight that they are Rotiform dealers

As well as HRE dealers

Lotus of Ontario and their two of hearts

*Insert Fast & Furious quote here*

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport now available in blue

Haggerty Cruise Nationals Exhibit

While I was avoiding having champagne spilled on me (seriously) in the Auto Exotica room I noticed that the Cruise Nationals room was practically empty so I made my way over.

With the exotics right across the hall I fear a lot of people are going to overlook this room, which would be a shame.

After featuring the Taylor'd 57 I 've been a little more drawn too older Chevy and GMCs

This one was in exceptional shape, especially the chrome

No mater how hard Dodge tries they will never be able to replicate this front end

Supercharged 355 '34 Ford Tudor

Another look at this red beauty

Deuce coupe, a necessary part of any classic exhibit

A pulled back view of the Duece

Closer look at that bowtie heart

The car of the room in my opinion was this 1955, Viper Red, Chevy Bel air bagged with an LT-1 V8

The few people in the room were asking how this car drives so low...

Triumph Display

On my way to the Auto Exotica display I got side tracked by this amazing Triumph display put together by Castrol and the Toronto Triumph Club.

While the free food, beer, and ongoing press conference in the Auto Exotica room explains why it was empty on media day I’m not sure why there still isn’t much coverage of this area.

For those who have yet to go to the show this is located on the 700 level, don’t miss out.

How could I pass this up?

British Racing Green.

Beautiful TR6 on the way to the room at the end

This interesting Triumph delivery van, I think it is a Commer express?

Actually had way more cargo room than I was expecting

A Dove GTR4 one of 43... ever.

According to Wikipedia these cost almost as much as a Jag E type when new

The Triumph owners club memebers allowed me to go behind the stanchions and get up close and personal with the cars

Peter Bulkowski TR-8

Originally raced in the 1980s

I believe 42 designates it as the Canadian entry (there were 3 more built raced by different teams)

The car currently sees action in historical races

Not sure when I would be able to shoot something like this again I took a lot of shots...

Though I don't think any of you mind...

Check this room out, please!

CIAS 2012 Coverage will continue Wednesday with pictures from the main halls, stay tuned.



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