Winter Wednesdays: Low All Year


On Sunday I had the 3 out in it’s first real ‘storm’ since it’s been on air and it honestly took it like a champ.

No frozen lines, ride pressure and height stayed consistent, and she was as sure footed as a mountain goat.

I still plan to do a mid winter air ride review but so far so good exactly as I expected.

Winter ride height
0 psi



My lip didn’t much like being used as a plow though and has since been taken off after a chunk of ice gave it a bit of a knocking.

Nothing I can’t fix however, I mean I’ve done it before.


  1. great admiration for running a air ride car in the winter, can not wait for the review as to how a air ride system lives up to the cold climate.

    Once again nuff respect.

  2. im not sure why people think air ride in the winter is questionable , 99% of transport trucks have been doing this for decades. air ride is not new , only its applications are. but its nice to more people embracing the benefits !!!!!, low and slow in the winter FTW


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