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For whatever reason when I first came across a photo of this R32 I thought it was a Photoshop, or at the very best...

While kicking around a few 70s 'golden era' blogs I came across this '72 Camaro that employs a lot of the same styling cues...

If you're anything like me, upon viewing these photos, you are struggling with the fact that anyone would turn a Super Bird into what...

When the the current Fiat 500 was released I must admit that I didn't have a whole lot of hope for the platform in...

Inexplicably there has yet to be a MKIV Supra Theme Tuesday here on Stance Is Everything. This is a little odd because I've done both...

Actors who just so happen to be gear heads seem to continually be coming out of the woodwork; Rowan Atkinson, Adam Carolla, Dax Shepard,...

Not too long ago in my, Ten Trends of 2013 post I said the following: "I still hold hopeful that the intensified media eye on...

When TAS2014 coverage started to hit the web one car immediately stood out among the over fenders, race inspired livery, FT86/BRZ/FR-S, outrageous exotics, and over the top VIP cars. This awesome hot rod influenced Mazda Miata.

While I was gathering photos for the Chevy Belair Theme Tuesday I came across this Impala wagon that just about steered the entire post towards wagons. It's got a great stance, impeccable paint, and a set of wheels that, despite their simplicity, really pull the car together.

...and by that time of year I mean the period where I wish I went to SummerNats in Australia. If I could choose one event for a wealthy dowager to fly me to I am pretty sure it would be this one. In addition to looking like a flat out awesome party the vehicles that show up are incredibly diverse and the burnout contest is, quite frankly, out of hand.