WTF Friday: Random internet wtfs


God bless the internet it’s provided such things this week as Epic Beard Man, rumors of a Snookie sex tape (ugh), Gordon Lightfoot’s death and today’s collection of strange car related images.

Bless you internet for without you I would be jobless.

Low mow
Any ideas why that adjustable is in there? Shim maybe?
Sure they fit now but...
Gotta do what you gotta do I guess
This is Sam's signature on maxbimmer, I gotta admit it made me lol

Site updates

As some of you might have noticed on Monday via my twitter account I finished some preliminary designs for some new stickers and the art department, aka my gf, is going to look over to clean them up before they are sent to my printer.

I have new versions of stickers with the url, something for the auto-x/track crowd, some stickers with girls in them, and something sexually suggestive. I would post some teaser pics but I want a few in my hand first so that if they do get copied at least I know I had made some first.

I think they will be worth the wait 😉

Flashback Fridays: TWOLITREphotography does JDMrides Official Meet #2

This year I plan to make it out to at least one of these events, scheduling didn’t work out to well last summer so hopefully this summer I can fix that if nothing else just to see this car again.

Two Litre Media captures the El clipped Civic

Hoping to make it out to the auto show this weekend so fingers crossed I do. Have a good one!


  1. I’m not the type to normal take peoples things, but I am definitely stealing Sam’s sig. Hahaha, that’s awesome. And I’m always interested in the crazy new ways people find to use zip ties!

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