Featured Ride: Gowtham’s s2000


When Honda released the club racer version of their popular s2000 in 2007 they did so with enthusiasts like Gowtham in mind, enthusiasts who feel that while function comes first form isn’t something that should be forgotten.

After all if turning heads wasn’t part of the original agenda when Honda designed the s2000 it wouldn’t be a convertible.

Gowtham has done a great job of marrying the two f’s with his own club racer by splitting his choice of modifications almost completely 50/50 between the two.

The only significant body modification on this s2000 – a shine carbon fiber diffuser – is heavily influenced by the world of function, and form wise does a great job of complimenting the aggressive factory Club Racer rear spoiler.

Between the bumper and that carbon fiber unit sits the business end of a skunk2 mega power exhaust that has been joined by an Injen cold air intake under the hood.

Pairing an aggressive diffuser with a wheel and tire setup that doesn’t look as though it too could perform on the track would have been contradictory so instead of going aggressive purely  in terms of width and offset Gowtham split the difference and chose a setup that would allow him to fill his fenders with equal parts wheel and tire.

17×8.5 and 17×9.5 Advan RZ wheels wrapped in 225/45 and 255/40 Dunlop Z1 tires sit under the car and an aggressive roll along with relocated bumper tabs gave Gowtham the ability to crank his Buddy Club n1 coils down to a height that doesn’t only handle well on the track but also looks good sitting still.

Even though this s2000 currently looks great and was only ‘finished’ last year Gowtham has informed me that by the next time he sends in photos of the car it will look different and pack a little more ‘umph‘ under the hood.

Can’t wait.

Thanks to Gowtham for submitting his car and Joseph Yu (JYU Designs.com) for sharing these awesome photos with us.

Gowtham would also like to thank Speedstar for continuing to help build this car.

Modification List


  • Injen CAI
  • Skunk2 Megapower Exhaust


  • Advan RZ 17×8/9
  • 225/45 and 255/40 Dunlop Z1s


  • BuddyClub N+ Coilovers


  • Shine Replica Spoon Diffuser
  • Fenders rolled and tabs relocated


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