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Creative Thinking

The last time I can remember thinking "cool" and "Bonneville" (not salt flats) in anything remotely close to the same thought was when a friends brother had one with a giant dent in the fender that he was going to fix in auto shop. I thought 'cool' because I knew years later I would be in that same class. My friends brother was lazy and never did a damn thing about that dent, but the owner of this Bonneville isn't lazy at all and has dropped this Black Onyx sedan on BBS Super RS's via custom suspension and updated the front end with BMW e39 headlights.

Event Coverage: SEMA 2014 – The Beginning

As I type this I am at home resting my throbbing feet after two and a half days of frantically running around the Las...

Just Tekken advantage of the traffic boost….

Just thought I would take a second to everyone who came over from the Tekken Much post on Kotaku. Getting a link back from a major blog is one of the things I recently wrote down as a goal for this site and the gawker network has some of the biggest networks on the net so it was really exciting to see it happen so soon. I appreciate everyone who took the time to click through (all 700 of you) and join me here at Stance Is Everything I hope that some of you continue to check out the site however if you are just going to read and run I have one more interesting themed show car you should check out before you go, the 944 Batmobile.