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The last time I can remember thinking “cool” and “Bonneville” (not salt flats) in anything remotely close to the same thought was when a friends brother had one with a giant dent in the fender that he was going to fix in auto shop. I thought ‘cool’ because I knew years later I would be in that same class.

My friends brother was lazy and never did a damn thing about that dent, but the owner of this Bonneville isn’t lazy and has dropped this Black Onyx sedan on BBS Super RS’s via custom suspension and updated the front end with BMW e39 headlights.

I’ve gotta say for starting as a  ho hum family sedan this turned into a car that looks pretty clean, I bet you could hide a huge system in the giant trunk as well.

This car gets low via DIY coilovers up front and custom springs out back
While the headlights didn't just drop in they look great now.
No wheel gap, but still lots of ground clearance, interesting
Well played sir

A big hats off to the owner for putting work into a platform which most people would have easily dismissed as ‘not worth it’.

If you want to check out the build thread and a few more pictures visit this thread on Forever Pontiac.


  1. Looks great, actually the first modified Bonnevile that I’ve ever seen. Only thing I would say to do would be to maybe remove that small wing on the rear. But that’s just a personal opinion. It really does resemble an E39 or a Infinity J30.

  2. Jan, in many cases I would say yes tuck it but in the case of this car (and the owner is welcome to prove me wrong ;)) I like the height where it is.

    Gives it kind of an upscale/classy look that suits the body.

  3. the impressive exterior work effectively belies the ridiculous amount of work put into every other aspect of this beast as well.

  4. ive got no idea what it is but i think joes right about the wing (but i dont think it looks like a bimmer)and i would change the mirrors to somthing a little less round and a badge del at the rear

  5. I find it humorous that some people don’t know what a stock rear spoiler or front Pontiac grille look like! Nevertheless, she never looked better Mike. Long road, but well worth it.

  6. @ Joe: It might not be apparent from the angle of these pics, but Bonnevilles kinda look a little funny without that factory spoiler.

    @ Jan: There isn’t much you can do to get that car lower than it is now, unless you wanna hire a chiropractor every time you hit a piece of gravel. There are driveline angle issues as well.

    I’ve watched Mike work on this car for a few years, ever since it’s predecessor was totaled. He’d done a lot of the same work on that car as well. I think I might have called him nuts at one point… But his attention to detail and drive for uniqueness should be pretty obvious to everybody. That car is bloody awesome.

  7. Thanks guys.

    Yeah without that stock spoiler the car is a total bubble butt, worse than a J30 with no lip-trunk spoiler.

    The front height is maxed out currently. Any lower and the pinched seam above the tire will cut it, the strut body will bottom out, and the axles will be very unhappy. I already raised the drivetrain 1.5″ to help with the axles and the strut shafts are bolted about an inch higher than they would be stock.

    The rear fenders are rolled and the tires rub the inner wheel well.

    I could probably squeeze another 1/2″ out of it via ridelikeccrap stiff springs but that’s cheap.

    It’ll be lower eventually. I have a few things in the works.

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