Theme Tuesdays: OBS Chevy Trucks


OBS Trucks, or old body style (GMT400 or 88-98) GM Chevys are super, super hot right now. Many are referring to them as the new C10 because C10 market has ran off into insanity after it’s own recent highs.

In general however it seems like all vehicles from 88-98 are seeing a boom as they become that get into the 15-25 year old range.

F bodies in particular have also started to hit their second stride. But let’s focus on OBS trucks, for now.

(Apologies for some of the smaller photos, some are ten years old!)

This is probably the quintessential look for OBS trucks, then and now, static drop, white letters billet grills
Of course, classic looks look even better on the ground
Speaking of classic, this was the thing to do for quite a long time in the truck community, OBS on OBS
Building on the above examples, some graphics, a phantom grill and laying door never hurt anyone
If memory serves this truck is still kicking around Ontario, hopefully just as clean
I’d like to hope this one is still around too
The Swedes operate on their own agenda…. clearly
An OBS with a surprise our two  from the archives
Surprise 1
Surprise 2
Hands up if you wanted a 454 SS… don’t recall them being so dang high back then though
It’s remarkable how much a wheel swap and a drop can do to modernize the look of a truck. Perfect tidy daily driver quality vehicle here
Obviously I’m all for laying door with them too
On the flip side, a well used 1500 as an autocross truck never gets old
This truck was my introduction to big (giant) Billets, I dig them, wouldn’t want to buy tires for them, but I dig ’em
Don’t for a second think I forgot about dually OBS Chevys!
I have a lot of photos of this truck, it gets around
This is a local build, by a fairly well know builder out here named Curtis Cox
The paintwork on this truck is super impressive
This truck from SEMA will forever be a banger in my eyes
Severed Ties does slammed trucks well

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