No Regrets


Sorry for the somewhat sporadic post consistency of late. There’s so much going on in the summer that it makes sitting down in front of the computer hard. Add in the fact that I’ve ramped up my freelance work to help cover the expenses of Project Why Wait, SIE gets the shorter end of the stick.

But, if you can come to rely on me for anything its a lot of original content waiting in the wings. I’ve been going to a lot of cruise ins this summer –for as long as Ash will permit– and I’m going to start rolling out a few of those photos when I can.

Cruise Ins are great because they are little commitment and I can stay as short or as long as I wish without feeling the need to cover the whole event as a whole because no one really tracks what shows up to what cruise in week after week.

I’m a sucker for a bagged and bodied first gen so I had to give this truck a once and twice over.

It is a tidy looking truck representing No Regrets, a world wide and fairly well known car and truck club.

The truck as a whole is incredibly clean and I really like the green color. It suits the vehicle very well and helps it from being period locked like some other builds.

Inside, I quite like the updated interior. If there’s one part of first generation s10s that really back dates them it’s the dash. It’s pretty boxy, plastic looking and unbecoming considering what is around today. Wrapping it in leather really cleans brings it closer today without swapping out the entire thing.

The No Regrets steering wheel is also pretty crazy and shows a level of dedication to a car club that isn’t often seen these days. Though I sure wouldn’t want to get into an accident with it.

Look for more Cruise In coverage to creep onto the site here and there.

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