1960 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon: Patina Perfection


I’m a fan of Patina, you’re likely already aware. I’m also a fan of wagons, I mention this a little less often, but, it should also be common knowledge for long-time readers.

So, with those two things seeing this Brookwood Wagon at the most recent Majestics BBQ was a real treat.

This wagon was for sale about a year ago, and I remember drooling over the ad profusely.

If memory serves the car is a 1961 and, despite what the body says, it’s better than factory fresh.

A modern Chevrolet LS3 sits under the hood, looking retro thanks to a Holley Intake and accessory setup. It’s a great look for the car, fitting with the exterior but a heck of a bump up in power.

Inside the interior is fully refreshed, and features Dakota Digital gauges. It looks to have a working AC and that interior colour is tremendous.

The transmission is a 6-speed manual, again… a surprb choice.

I believe the car had a price tag in the way of nearly 70k, considering what you get isn’t all the bad. Hopefully, the new owner drives this a lot because it’s one serious machine.


  1. Dave T yes this car is cool . i saw it today took a pic .was off ramsey lake rd in sudbury ontario,,, do, yes it is being driven,,, was awesome to see under tha hood , as , owner wasnt around it even same lic. plate 2BAD4YU

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