Life’s A Safari


Here in Ontario we’re just about to hit peak winter. Peak winter is basically when the temperature is the lowest and the ‘winter blahs’ have taken hold.

Typically it spans Feb to mid March or so, with a final parting shot later March. This time of year is great for outdoor games of puck and the odd hill bomb on some sort of slippery conveyance but little else.

Really, about as far away from a Safari as possible.

So of course now is the perfect time to post a bright orange bagged Impala wagon with Safari and Tiki undertones throughout.

I’m not always a big surf wagon style vehicle fan, considering we’re pretty far away from real surf out here*, but… this wagon was really impressive.

The height obviously drew me in, but all of the details kept me there. Again, usually stuff like beer tap turn signals I’d consider over the top, but it worked as part of an overall radical package.

I found the car so enthralling that I studied it twice in the same weekend.

While I was unable to find the owner, I did later find out he did most of the work to the car himself. Including the body work and paint.

In his garage no less. Top marks sir, top marks.

*Yes I know some people DO surf in Ontario. Yes I DO think they are crazy.

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