Theme Tuesdays: Vintage Lowriders Part II


I love looking at vintage coverage from all areas of the hobby because it is a great way to see what styles were here to stay and continue to stand the test of time and which were ‘of the era’.

I hesitate to use the word fad because it has a lot of negative connotations and some styles tend to boomerang and come full circle in the end anyway.

Furthermore all of us followed a “fad” at one time or another that we either look back on and chuckle or cringe.

In high school I had some huge ass JNCOs man…

Cutting your springs now is a bit of a cheap way out but for some platforms it’s still the only way to get low
Straight up timeless look
This appears to go back only to 1997 which explains why it still looks pretty relevant
I think I could count the amount of these I have seen modified in anyway, shape, or form, on one hand
Personally I think this car would look better without the wheel covers
This show looks to be full of all sorts of interesting rides
Not too often I see trucks get the traditional wire treatment nowadays in ONT
Hubs, whites, and one hell of a fading photo
I hope 10 years down the road I can still at the very least host this site and people can visit it for old show coverage to bring back memories
The cotton ball show setup is one of those things that seems to go in cycles
One of the most aggressive, looking chopped tops I have ever seen
Another aggressive chop this time with a radical front end
On the topic of chops I think a bit of one would look great on this, though with all that glass…
Looking in the background… is that a Geo Prizim?
Not sure what the story behind the light is
Vega I think? Pinto
Wait another Vega? Or is it an AMC? And another Pinto
The amount of attention to detail in the paintwork of a well built lowrider is just insane
Switch in one hand beer in the other?
You know a lot of these guys cherish these photos and use them to remember the good ol days
Some obviously also have crates upon crates of magazines
Can anyone identify these wheels? Love this look
Check the fashion…
Do people still buy copies of Penthouse with the internet? Serious question.
That guy looks exactly like the lowrider guy…

The sources for this one are the same as the last:, The H.A.M.B,, along with Wheels Are Everything and The Low Down


  1. hahaha i remember JNCOs for ever getting stuck in my freaking chain i learned to sew because of those fkers what was i thinking

  2. The picture with the Geo. That’s a Geo Storm from way back. Awesome old school pix man. I had couple of pairs JNCO’s too lol Remember the JNCO Cords?

    • Hi Don,

      Unfortunately none of the scans are mine so I can’t give you the rights but if you look on long enough I’m sure you could find the owner.

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