Event Coverage: Too Fast Custom Car Show


Last weekend I went my second show at the Powerade Center in Brampton (the first being Vagkraft in 2009) which was the Too Fast Custom Car Show put on by SLC Productions and Too Fast motors.

This was my first ‘Heat The Street‘ show of the year (their 7th in total) so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in regards to turnout number and quality of cars. Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised on both counts, many of the usual suspects came out to enjoy the sun along with a few people and cars I had not seen in awhile.

Heck even I parked my car within the show boundaries.


Took a bit more time at this show to take some pictures of some of the other things that I saw at the show outside of cars and women. I was able to capture most of the random stuff that was happening at the show outside of the guys on pocket bikes who I kept missing.

As impractical and illegal as those things are I still want one. Even though I would probably get bored of it really quick.

One of the loudest vehicles I have ever heard, period.
Best team name goes to...
Always been a bit more of a Batman fan myself, but nice art work none the less
Dogs doing dog stuff
Sono tube used for its original intent
The winner of the Heat The Street Tour will be seen flying off the top rope wearing this


Bikes seem to be popping up at meets more and more this year, or maybe I am just noticing them more and they were always there. If the latter is the case it is not a good sign for either my wallet or well being.

A friend of mine owned this bike, Gucci fabric on the seat like a boss
Monster livery Ninja


Not much of a Euro turnout but I am guessing everyone many were getting their rides ready for Waterfest and Vagkraft.

I didn't see this Audi until the end of the show different touch with the wheels and piping
On the flip side this Jetta was one of the first cars I saw


These two Mustangs stood out to me for fairly obvious reasons. The first one because the owner thought outside of the box in regards to wheel selection and the second because it was all around ridiculous.

I am hoping to head out to a Street Classics Cruise in this Saturday so maybe I will see it again there?

Mustang on Volks, they flow surprisingly well
Insane Mach 1, watching the owner try and baby it out of the show was fun
Power staring me right in the face


In my eyes the 300cs stole the show in regards to Dodge and Chrylser, the two below in particular are very well done.

Carlos brought out one of his two show cars, his Integra will apparently be at the next
I have not seen this car since Voicecoil meltdown, looks just a nice as the first time i saw it
Overall a very clean car
This 300c was also nice and low and was packing a punch under hood
And here is that punch


Most of the GM field was made up of trucks that were also at the Niagara Truck and Tuner Expo, though a couple I hadn’t seen since last years Scrape if at all.

Green Bastard Buick
Reminds me of the new version of Bumble Bee... he probably gets that a lot now
Team Asshole bagged Cobalt, later seen dragging down the street
Killer paint treatment on this s10, creative, unique, and well executed
You all, already know how much I like my slammed early gen s10s
I really like how the two tone carries through inside of the truck
If this is original paint the owner of this truck knows a thing or to about paint care
I need to get a ride in one of these some time before I die


I was reading a post on Canibeat the other day regarding USDM styling picking up in Japan which blows my mind because they copy us, we copy them, infinite loop? Just a random side thought that doesn’t really have anything to do with the cars below.

Andrew brought home another win with his Genesis
The paint on this RX-8 does a hell of a lot of cool things under the sun
I parked beside Aidan to use some of the crowd his car draws to my advantage
We also tossed a bunch of the site promo cards between his wheel and tire
He took him best VIP/JDM at the show
Chris was out with Division R
Sam's been hitting up all the shows and accumulating best stance wins
Thanks for the love Sam
A GTR Bruce Wayne himself would approve of
Hard to tell from the picture but that's a CF inlay on the spokes
KJohn's Accord wagon is easily one of the lowest and most unique in the area
Very aggressively styled Acura
Looks like it would be right at home on a road course
Danio showed up late, but brought the heat with his latest wheel set up which looks incredible
How he continues to raise the bar in regards to s2000s in Toronto is insane

Bikini Contest

As promised coverage of the women from the events has returned to Stance Is Everything, at least for now. I’ve actually got to give credit to my girlfriend for taking these photos as I was taking the ones for the fan page with my phone.

The guys in the background of all of these pictures seem to be enjoying themselves
This girl didn't win but she was a contender
No comment nessecary.
Again mums the word.
The eye daggers the other competitors shot this girl were ridiculous
These were the top 3 finalists with the girl in the middle taking it

The next event on the SLC Heat The Street Tour


  1. can i just say the caption on the one girl bending over killed me. lol

    and i would like to has haha i’ll be nice i swear

  2. what kinda of rims are those on the red audi i have an rsx and looking for rims those are very nice but any othe suggestions on what i should get

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