Readers Rides: Facebook Fans Part 5


I’ve been meaning to dedicate another post to Reader sRides for awhile now but with the amount of event coverage I have been doing combined with features and guest coverage it’s been hard to find a day to dedicate to it.

However with the Facebook fan page clicking over to 4000 people yesterday (thanks everyone who has liked the page) I think today is the perfect day to show some of your cars some love, it was long overdue.

Sonny’s Mitsubishi Galant

Sonny is a reader all the way from the Philippines who rides this 1992 Galant GTI. He’s got a little bit of work into it and about two months or so ago I sent him and some supports out in Manila some stickers for a show out there and he returned the favor by doing up this Stance Is Everything Ford Focus I posted not too long ago.

Scott’s Camaro

Scott first added photos of his Camaro to the fan page after I posted this white on white Mazda 3. The white out look applied to this Camaro flows really well.

Robert’s Suburban

Rob’s Suburban is awesome, he picked it up in 2002 lifted, bagged it on 05 and is going to body drop it really soon, and as you can tell by the photo below he drags the heck out of it.

Robs e36

I’ve posted Rob’s BMWs a few times but  here is his latest version of his e36 which features poked bright white OEM style 32 wheels.

Benny’s Civic

Benny sold his previous black civic and picked this one up to do in his very unique and easily recognizable style. He has dubbed this one the ‘Woodrat’ and it is a great example of what’s possible when you think outside of the box.

Raymonds EF

In the land where our EF’s crumble to dust I can always appreciate someone who has kept one alive and clean.

Michael’s Caddy

Michael may be one of the people who uploads to the Facebook page the most, his Caddy is always looking clean.

Matthew’s Touring

Matthew’s e30 touring looks better and better the more I see of it.

Marco’s Corsa – c

Marco has done a lot of work to this Vauxhaul of his and of the photos he posted on the fan page I like this rolling shot the most.

Geby’s 335i

Remember Geby’s RX-7 from awhile back? Well this is his daily driver, a 335i lowered on KW V2 coil overs and sitting on blacked out BBS CH wheels.

Declan’s Golf

Much like Rob Declan likes the very white wheels. However he opted for banded steels over OEM alloys.

Bill’s Skyline

Bill owns a custom car shop (Brinkworth Custom Auto Salon) and this 89 skyline that has a custom body kit, widened fenders and custom paint.

Anthony’s Golf GTI

Anthony posted up his white Golf sittin on 17s and koni’s.

Andrew’s Mini

Andrew’s clean mini on bright red wheels.

Thai’s TC

I have posted Thai’s Scion before but I’ve been looking at it a little more closely lately (it and TC’s in general) after having drove on at the SGR event. He is also on the bright wheel tip.

Devin’s Subaru

A friend of mine recently sold a nearly identical Subaru for pretty cheap, if I had seen this picture of Devin’s prior to that I might have picked it up.

Todd’s 51 Caddy

Todd’s 51 Cadddy looks mean as hell and reminds me of the Futurama episode called ‘The Honking‘.

James’ 68 Mercury Monterey

According to James attitude is everything and this beautiful Mercury snacks on Datsuns between meals

I know I missed some of you so if you would like to be included in the next edition of readers rides feel free to send me an email or upload your photo to the fan page and I will do my best to post it up.


  1. I sense this weekend, you’ll get some pictures of a polo thats 110mm down and maybe polished and detailed ;D

    Its on my bucket list for my car to be on this website 😀

    Caddys my winner for today, i’d give my left nut for it!

  2. that is a terrible picture of my ef though, if you want shoot me an email and i can send you some proper photoshoot shots not blackberry ones 😛

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