WTF Friday: It attacks in the night


People who build sleepers have to be some of the most creative and dedicated car people period. The dedication it takes to do something ridiculous to your car but keep it as stock looking as possible so as not to give away your secret is nothing short of incredible.

Sleeper builds are always creative, interesting, and motivating. Motivating because after seeing the fabrication skills someone went through to get their idea to work it makes doing simple bolt-ons seem like nothing worth complaining about.

Really what is a stubborn rusted bolt in comparison to the amount of unforeseen problems that would come up when say putting a VG30DETT under the hood of a Mazda MPV.

If you are not familiar with Nissan motor codes the VG30DETT Motor is the twin turbo mill normally found in the 1989 Fair Lady Z (300zx in NA), and if the MPV is nothing you ever paid attention to it is essentially just another random rear wheel drive Japanese van similar to the Toyota Previa.

Normally combining a MPV and a 300zx would involved bent metal and a very livid individual but in this case it equals a minivan that packs 388hp under it’s hood.

This is crazy.

Fairly stock looking interior, minus the mustang wheels
The fact that this has a tow hook just makes everything all that much more awesome

The mods list:
-1990 VG30DETT Motor
-1992 Nissan 300ZXTT Automatic Transmission
-Removed all and any emissions crap (Carbon canister, EGR etc…)
-Single Fuel Pressure Regulator set-up
-Unorthodox Racing water pump, alternator, and power steering aluminum pulleys
-Flex-a-lite fan
-Autometer Phantom Gauges
–Water Temp
–Oil Temp
–Oil Press
–Fuel Press
–Fuel level
-Custom gauge panel by Advanced Waterjet Cutting and Design
-Dual Z32 MAF’s
-Dual stock DSM side mount intercoolers
-Chrome ceramic coated upper plenum
-Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
-Sun Hyper Ground System
-Rear heater delete
-300ZX NA power steering pump
-Oil relocator kit
-Magnaflow muffler (#12468)
-custom 1-piece driveshaft by Aukeen Drivelines
-Custom full stainless intercooler piping by Pina Motorsports
-Custom full stainless exhaust by Pina Motorsports

A very detailed Car Domain page is here which illustrates a lot of the more fun parts of the build,  and the van was posted on Speed Hunters under the appropriate title of THE ULTIMATE SLEEPER.

I wonder if it slides?

Site Updates

The biggest site update this week is the introduction of wearables to the store. The first run shirts are the black and teal color way and available in small, medium, large, and extra large.

Canada and US Shipping is $10 per unit while international is $20

The shirts went up last night and are selling fast so if you want one click the image above or head over to the store. Local pickup is also available at meets and shows for those who are close and don’t want the shipping charges.

The next color way on the list is grey/teal.

This weekend I will be at the Honda Toronto Indy for the day on Saturday and the Street Classics cruise in the evening.

Couple other things coming for next week too but I won’t tease.

Flashback Friday

I was lurking the Wrong Fitment Crew forums a couple weeks back and read that Julian got rid of his wagon. Not sure what he has moved onto now but if it’s anywhere as clean as this….

One of the cleanest wagons ever.

We are in for a treat.



  1. Awesome build and clean install but why is it so slow? The best it could do is a 14? C’mon son. It would of did better with a different engine. Props non the less.

  2. ive seen an sleeper mpv buld using a 2jz before enyone that wants a warp speed people carryer needs to be comitted lol

  3. C’mon blackout !!! 14 sec in a MPV , think how heavy that is , compare to a fox body mustang with a 5L , that will do mid to high 14’s , a TT 3L in a tank of a van doin 14’s is great , im sure some tuning and suspension work would do wonders but then that might do away with the ” sleeper”!! props to the builder!!

  4. Enzo Ferrari once said “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.” Although it may posses the one tire fire, it still hauls ass with 7 passengers

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