WTF Friday: The Legendary 6 Wheeled Civic Lives

Photos: JZ Krueger


You know a vehicle is wild when it compels me to write a WTF Friday post after all this time.

But when a mythical legend like this 6-wheeled (or tandem if you prefer) Civic is completed. I have to jot at least a few words down.

If you’ve been looking at cars on the internet since, oh, about 2008 or so you’ve seen the photo above before.

A wild Civic EF with an EK front end, and an extra set of wheels behind the factory rear pair. This car could have easily disappeared into obscurity never to be finished like many an overly ambitious build.

No, I’m not throwing shade from my own glass house I know how long it takes to complete large projects.

Almost unbelievably the car was recently spotted in Ohio, with a completed exterior. Given the extensive body modifications, I have to tip my hat to the owner for getting this car to the paint stage.

The thought of block sanding the sides gives me nightmares.

While personally, I would have loved to see it retain the wires I am just happy to see it done. If we use 2009 as its earliest appearance this is at least a 13-year-long project.

As far as I know, the owner doesn’t have any social media, so unfortunately I cannot link you to progress or build photos of any kind.

We just have to live in the moment and appreciate that the car is here today.

I’m told it was recently rear-ended, so the owner has a little bit of work to do, but hopefully, we see some more of it soon.

These wild and over the top builds just rarely exist anymore so it’s very cool to see this one out and about.

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