WTF Friday: Falcon Punched


The creativity of individuals when presented with a bushel of lemons never ceases to astound. Skyler Bethel had single owner, low km 1964 Ford Falcon roll into his shop and usually that would be a good thing but that wasn’t the case with this bird.

This particular Falcon has a tree fall on top of it creating significant damage.

Unsure of what to do with his twisted metal the owner sold the car to Skyler on the cheap.

Skyler parted out what he could of the car, but kept the running gear because it had quite a bit of life left in it.

Starting with he drive line, he made an interesting sort of transaxle out of the motor, a very short drive shaft, and the transmission.

A lot of creativity, a coil spring, and some square tube later and Skyler was one tractor seat away from a very custom trike.

He built the car, or bike, or whatever it can be registered as, in a mere 18 days. It’s mostly completed but he plans on finishing up the handle bars a bit better and adding some more tasteful tail lights.

For 18 days work of work though, this trike isn’t all that much to scoff at. Probably won’t win any beauty pageants but imagine it’s one hell of a drive.


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