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I’m sure you all have noticed that Stance Is Everything hit a bit of a lull last month. As the tumble weeds blew by the front page I was caught in a bit of a personal, or more accurately professional, whirlwind.

As I alluded to when I shared photos of Mike Livia’s Apache, I’ve decided to ramp up my freelance endeavours for 2018. I am doing this in part to pay for Project Why Wait –hey, I’m honest if nothing else– but also because I love producing automotive media and all the experiences that come with it.

Automotive Customization 2018: Nothing Is Sacred –

Meeting new people, seeing new projects, learning more about automotive niches, I’m in for all of it. Each article I write, or photo I take, just sends me deeper down the rabbit hole.

Now nearly ten years deep I’m eager to continue down following the hole all the way through to Wonderland.

Spec’d Right: A Perfectly Balanced Silvia S15 – SpeedHunters

In the time I’ve been clacking these keys I’ve learned that while I thoroughly enjoy writing here, I love the challenge of writing for new audiences. Writing about hot rods one week, drift cars another, and whatever else may follow the week after that isn’t easy, but it helps me grow as content creator.

It also makes me a bit more versatile within the industry, and it’s a skill I’ve used to unlock a couple of doors I assumed un-pickable. One of the achievements I most recently unlocked is an official spot on the Speedhunters roster.

To say I’m stoked to be joining one of the largest online automotive publications in the world is an understatement. I’ve been chipping away at this goal since 2014 and finally, finally, it’s a reality.

I can’t speak to everything I’ll be doing at SH just yet, but I hope that each of you who read, like, comment, and share my posts here will do the same to the ones I write over there.

Diamonds Are Forever: Mid-Engined, Hot Rod Diamond T Truck – Rod Authority

Doubling down on good news, Canadian Hot Rod Magazine has also given me some more rope to do features and Rod Authority is also interested in more Canadian content.

Don’t worry, as busy as I get elsewhere I’ll always keep the porch light on here. Stance Is Everything is my home, it’s where I can be unfiltered, and it’s where I’ve forged plenty of long-lasting friendships.

So, thanks for sticking around and hanging with me as I see where 2018 and beyond takes me.

Yes this means I’ve missed another Theme Tuesday.


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