Merry Christmas


Or should I say Happy Holidays? I’ve never been too polictally correct, but I am going to assume that none of my readers are too uptight about which vernacular I use ;). Today’s a day to be spent with family and friends enjoying the spirit of the season so I hope everyone is doing just that. To those of you who have found the time to stop by here today leave a comment and I will send you a free set of S.I.E. url stickers of your choosing. Happy Holidays!

Man I love Transformers
I know it's a small gift but it's the best I can do :P
I know it's a small gift but it's the best I can do 😛


  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family as well buddy.

    Love the articles and I’ve been meaning to send a pic of my Mazda 3 hatch for your winter Wednesday theme.


  2. Happy present day! I figured that’s my jest at being PC or what not. 😛

    No need to send me anymore stickers, spread the love elsewhere! I may go visit my baby today and sticker her up for Christmas & take some shots… With my new camera. 🙂

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