WTF Friday: Twin Engine MX-3


Who remembers the Mazda MX-3? No? How about the Precida in some markets? The four seater coupe had a fairly short run but was a pretty unique little car.

Perhaps its largest claim to fame was the fact that it has one of the smallest V6 motors in a production car. The little 6 cylinder that could was just 1.8L in size. Tiny.

Though the car was quite advanced for the 90s (they had a wild rear suspension set up that mimicked four-wheel steering) they were never extremely popular.

Combine that with that fact that Mazdas rusted really bad through to about 2010 and very few remain today. In the nearly ten years I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen two I can easily recall.

So, given the car’s are about as rare as hen’s teeth you can imagine my surprise when someone tagged me in a photo of the one above.

An Ontario plated MX3 that doesn’t have one foot in the grave is rare enough, but something about this one looked a little eyebrow raising.

A little digging revealed that this MX-3 was unlike any other on the planet. The owner @tyburgrisflyy has installed a turbo KLDE motor mid ship, resulting in a tiny rear wheel drive monster.

An ongoing project the car performs fairly well considering what it is.

In its current form –which isn’t final– it ran a 11.94 at over 100 MPH. Not bad at all for the Mazda that time forgot.

However to quote the late Billy mays “But wait, there’s more”; the owner @suicidemx3 is also planning to put another turbo KLDE in the front of this car. The goal at the end of a winter of thrashing is twin engine all wheel drive car.

Clearly Ty has a passion for the unique.

He’s also got an eye for MX-3s as the white car isn’t his only one. I’m truly impressed he has two on the road, especially one that appears to be winter driven. is far from his only one.

Hopefully I get a chance to check up on this twine engine project next year. After all Guelph isn’t all that far.

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