Theme Tuesdays: Motorcycles Of SEMA 2018


Looping right back around today with more coverage from SEMA 2018.

For this post I’ve picked a theme a  bit out of character; motorcycles. I am not a motorcycle aficionado by any means so the technical info in this post is pretty light.

However given the caliber or these two-wheeled builds I couldn’t just walk by them on the show floor.

This bike was one of the first ones at SEMA to catch my eye
At an event where most of the motorcycles were pretty off the wall, this build stood out for its simplicity. It’s the kind of bike I could see riding
Though perhaps less practical, I enjoyed this bike thoroughly as well
Baggers are not my favorite style of motorcycle but, I really liked the paint on this pair 
The Matrix Automotive finishes booth was packed with wild Motorcycles. Harley Road glide was built by Curlys Inc and painted by Jason Vanderwoude
A bike similar to this one drove by on the strip one night with one of the loudest audio systems I’ve ever heard
This classic 70s style bike was built by a shop called Buck Wild
The paint detail makes me want to spin up another custom paint Theme Tuesday
What can I say, I’m a complete sucker for detailed paint work
Pulled back, this bike looks pretty good overall…
..and at any angle
On the topic of custom paint, putting this Counts Customs built Bel Air in this posts seems fitting

This bike had one of the largest font wheels I’ve ever seen installed on a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure it was bagged as well.. 
…and if that wasn’t enough
Like your bikes with a bit more edge? Then this is probably something you wouldn’t kick out of the garage 
Personally I really liked this bike I caught outside, looks like a nice racing inspired rig

There’s probably at least one more SEMA post to come from 2018 before I call this year done, stay tuned.

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