Event Coverage: Nextmod Anniversary Pt 1


Nextmod’s one year anniversary BBQ went off without a hitch yesterday, even though the weather threatened like it was going to pour for most of the event.

Nextmods customer base speaks to the type of service they provide as the amount of quality cars that rolled through really rivaled some of the full blown car shows this year.

Shout out to Peter and the crew for organizing the event and keeping us all fed and hydrated for free!

Today’s coverage includes: random stuff, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai,  Toyota, and Honda/Acuras. Check back tomorrow for Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Infiniti rides.

Random stuff

I think last years Nextmod meet was the reason I started taking pictures of random stuff to begin with.

Peter was busy working all day
Mr Ing in the foreground drives a sick Lexus on CCW'S which you will see tomorrow
Embrace it
Haha Mr. Sparkle.
My lunch for today, probably.
Another variation of the turbo lag sticker

So wandering around we saw this place that had ‘Pure Natural Chinese Herbal Medicine Steam Cabins’ I dunno what the heck these things did (compact sauna?) but we all had a good laugh about how odd it all seemed.

If you are curious about what they are they have a website which sort of explains things.

The ad on the door that made me stop and investigate.
So you sit in there and get steamed to look younger?

Subarus, Hyundais,Toyotas, and Kias

Team JH!
You don't really see too many people doing anything with Fortes
Scraped Crusaders and Stance Is Everything collaboration!
Pearly's STI, do want
Andrew's Genesis has been getting all sorts of press lately. Deserved

Hondas and Acuras

I think this car had been parked in a time capsule for the past few years
Since I have not seen a car styled like this in some time and it was really clean
One of 2 Acura clipped hatches that day
Nextmod shop truck
Boosted Acura
Clean s2k
I waited awhile for this shot
This was boss
This is still one of my favorite Honda's ever
Just beautiful
Nice looking Civic with a Mugen Acura lurking in the background
Clean, authentic.
This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well
The team at Nextmod did a great job on this one
This car looks 100% different than the last time I saw it
Very, very unique wheel set up
Turbo DC5 and the man behind Stretch & Poke
Closer look at that Turbo RSX
I saw this NSX my first time at APH, it's serious
And this is why

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the coverage!


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