K Car…wagon!?


Most people (in North America) remember the K car for the simple fact that they were everywhere for awhile.

Personally I knew someone who’s dad drove a sky blue one and treated it like gold. He washed it every weekend and stored it in the winter.

I stumbled across this particular K wagon while avoiding the sharp ends of pitchforks from anti stance Mopar drivers when I was doing the ‘Turbo Dodge’ Theme Tuesday.

The owner owned it once, sold it, then bought it back and did this. The end result is somewhat reminiscent of older Japanese wagons… somewhat.

K cars seem to have disappeared from the roads around be but surely they all couldn’t have died.

Someone has probably just hoarded all of them for the zombie apocalypse.

Thread with more info on xceedspeed.

Probably the most interesting use of an odd platform I have posted since 95naSTA’s Bonneville


  1. That’s dead sexy. Even with the dents in the nose. Stance is right on, the colour choice is most champion. I take it these aren’t the most common modifieds over your side of the pond?

  2. I think it’s a crappy car that will fall apart and I am surprised this one is still alive! My mom had one in the early 90’s and it had 3 engine replaced in it until the floor fell apart! All because it has rims and it’s slammed it’s now deemed “cool” and stylish?? It’s missing a corner lens, big dent on the fender, front bumper has something goin on… I don’t get it. Sorry Dave but I donno.

  3. @Donn no one modifies these at all really, not like this anyway.

    @Colin No need to apologize I actually expected more people not to like this than like it. For a car most people would rather completely ignore existing (like yourself) I think the owner did alright with it.

    Hell where would you find a corner lens for one of these now?

  4. Better than stock I guess. I thought these cars had a solid beam suspension out back, that would make the rear negative cameber FAKE…?

  5. this thing is mega wicked way to make a trash car look classy or atleast cool. whats under the hood the stock motor or an srt4? still the stance is on point and the wheel colors goes nice with biege i wish more people would take these kinds of cars and make them awesomly gnar rather than taking something thats already cool and making it cooler.

  6. My first car was almost a dodge aries. Luckily I got a mini truck instead. It was my grandma’s car and she sold it with over 200k miles and the guy that bought it rolled over another 200k on the stock motor. They sure were ugly. Kind of like this one though.

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