Theme Tuesdays: Turbo Dodge


Ok Mopar fans you can ease up on the hate encouraging emails because I am finally doing the ‘turbo dodge’ Theme Tuesday many of you have requested.

While Dodge has a habit of turbo charging random vehicles their owners are generally not down to to put them on the ground.

After sifting through many fairly negatively toned threads about stance I was able to find a decent selection of lowered Mopar vehicles that came from the factory equipped with snails (with a few exceptions).

A few of you also helped out with emails as well.

Dodge Conquest

So what these were/are really Mitsubishis? They were sold here under the Dodge platform so it wouldn’t be right not to include at least a couple

They kind of remind me of early Supras
This one was from an old guest blog on Speedhunters
Best plate this Tuesday?


I once inquired about buying a turbo Daytona, it was sitting outside a local shop with the motor in the hatch. The owner said he would put it back in for two thousand dollars, I ended up with my e30 and that car was never fixed.

This car is local, though I have never seen it, unlike any other I have seen
Engine compartment of the above
The lowest/cleanest Daytona I could find


Didn’t post too many of these only to leave the door open for a dedicated Theme Tuesday at a later date on SRT’s in general.

Found this in a thread called SRT Forums most hated
And I believe I found this one in a thread of people arguing about stance
Sup V2lab

Omni and Omni GLH

Dodge gets a lot of credit (from me) for releasing a car with the acronym ‘Goes Like Hell’ attached to the name. Could you imagine that happening now?

No me either.

This is a readers old GLH that had a built 2.5 running a 58 trim turbo
Not actually 100% sure if this one is a GLH but easily the lowest of the bunch
Another angle of it… photo is pretty low res so I don’t think it is a shop
Looks very, very, similar to a Rabbit from this angle
K-1s? Probably an autocross car
SRT 4 swapped Omni
SRT 4 motors just don’t stay put
Got Traction?
A look at what’s lurking within
Perhaps the only photo on the internet of a female posing with an Omni? Photo: Terry / TMS Autoart
While I have had most of these saved for a bit this one I found last night
First person to guess where these steels came from in the comments below gets a set of url stickers
Props to the owner this looks great

Alright its done! Happy? 😛

Oh right, Caravans, Shadows and Shelby Chargers!

12.538 @ 111.71 mph
8.04 at 180MPH

12.223 @111

8.91 @156!!

Now I am done.


  1. The Dodge Conquest was a Mitsubishi. Sold here in Oz as the Starion. Apparently when they decided on the name, the Japanese accent turned “Stallion” into “Starion”. Big fan of the Starion, rather similar to the Mitsubishi Sigma (Galant in most non-Oz countries) and Scorpion (Sigma coupe). Came with either the 2.0L or 2.6L 4 cylinder but very little in the way of factory turbos for us.

    Didn’t stop me adding a turbo to the various 2.6L Starions, Scorpions and Sigmas I had over the years 😛

  2. Yes, the very first thing on most of us Mopar owners minds is performance. Everything else takes a backseat. I do feel that as a community Mopar owners are a lot less connected than many other brands due to a very close minded approach to modding. The belief that if it doesn’t make it go faster then it’s rice is fairly common amongst Mopar enthusiasts. Very few of us ever go against the grain and those that do don’t last very long before they move on to something else.

  3. The black “SRT” swapped Omni is not SRT swapped at all. It is a hybrid motor with a 2.0 DOHC head.

    And the wheels, not Ver6 WRX. Ver7 USDM WRX wheels, off my 2002 Bugeye to be exact.

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