Event Coverage: 2014 CSCS Season Finale Pt. 1


Waking up to thunder showers last Sunday I had thoughts of sitting out the final round of the 2014 Canadian Sport Compact Series, but on the strength of a promised ride along in my friends F20 powered Datsun 510 I sacked up and headed out.

That same friend mentioned that you can never really tell what the weather is going to be like in the ‘Cayuga triangle’ and those were true words indeed as the weather was warm and clear for most of the day. Mother did crash the party right as finals were running but considering the alternative, forecasted, day full of rain nobody really had a right to complain.

As usual the finale coverage is broken up between on track and off and today’s focus is the track action. I thought I took a whole pile of photos at this event but it turns out the coverage is a little on the light side, sorry about that, I’ll hit the 2015 season opener with a vengeance.

Time Attack

Not sure if I have ever seen an EL track car before…
s2000s on the other hand are par for the course
Between drift rounds Dylan Sharpe has taken to putting this Suzuki Swift GTI through it’s paces
It’s been ages since I’ve seen a 994 on the street, but I can always count on seeing this one at the track
Scott Shadbolt in his FS Motorsports sponsored e46, I believe he took home 3rd overall in Super Street RWD


Mike Gardner took home 1st place overall in Super Street RWD
Can Jam Motorsports brought out ‘Black Storm’ their unlimited AWD car, the idea was to break some records but the wet track later in the day had different ideas
My friend JP out in his recently ‘finished’ his F20 powered Datsun 510
I have hopes of taking a few stationary photos of this car before the weather turns, and I’m excited to see it’s progression through the winter



The R32 faced 1UZ powered franken car


Brent Stratton ended up finishing the 2014 season 6th over all
Daniel Paska put down some solid qualifying laps in his winky eyed 240
Steve ended up finishing the season 5th overall which isn’t bad at all considering 2014 was his first year as a competitor and he switched from a turbo sr20 to 5.0 Mustang motor part way through 
Mike DeTurck landed 10th over all in his LS powered e46 that I overheard a few spectators saying was too clean to drift
In a super rare occurrence DMCC driver, and long time SIE supporter, Pat Cyr came out to CSCS in his now naturally aspirated F20 AE86 to lay a few laps, he ended up making it to the finals where I believe he got second place
Jover managed to put down some really exciting laps in his turbo F20 powered car
Here he mows the lawn a bit thanks to a tire blow out
While the didn’t get to do a tandem together it was awesome to see both of these cars out competing during the same day
Francisco Becerra walked away with third place overall
Mr. Sexsmith drove his NV auto Subaru to second overall
Meaning Y\your 2014 CSCS drift champion is Dylan Sharpe


He’s had a very good season in this car so it wasn’t a surprise to see him end up on top
What is a bit of a surprise is now that he’s won he is parting out this car entirely… wonder what he will be out in next season?

More photos from the 2014 CSCS finale to come!

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