Guest Coverage: Spring Fling 2012


There are a few shows in the area that for one reason or another I am never able to attend, Vanfest being one and Spring Fling being another.

Taking place practically around the corner from my house at the Canadian Club Hansa Haus this almost 10 year show is known for bringing out some of the best euro cars in the area, which makes missing it year after year a real bummer.

This year instead of having no coverage on the site I reached out to Scott Holmes once again for some guest coverage. Scott said no problem and while I was at CSCS my girlfriend also swung by Spring Fling (unbeknownst to me) to see what all the fuss was about which has given me the unique opportunity to present to you coverage of an event from two perspectives.

Scott’s Coverage

Scott showed up around 10 and left about 1 when the weather took a turn for the worst but in that time he manged to catch quite a few of the quality cars in attendance.

He also managed to catch the raffle of products by show sponsors (Euroline, Durham dent removal, Burling, and Autoglym to name a few) and witness a girl who doesn’t have her license win an exotic car test drive.

Scott is probably correct in his assumption that her father is about to receive an awesome fathers day gift.

I missed this car at Stretch & Poke glad Scott got a great shot of it
Nice touch with the steels on this Harley, I could see banded steels working really well here
A MKIII like this will never go out of style, simple, timeless, and low
New Lawnmower for the Club Hansa Haus
Everytime a BBS gets damaged a Wheel Whore is born
This is really nice, and I am not a huge fan of yellow cars
This car looks to be a beast, I'll have to try and get more info on it for you all
For now Scott's peak under the hood will have to do
Wheel specs bang on this Jetta, basically perfectly inline with the fender all around. It also looks like a lip might be somewhere under that front bumper
Closer look at the fitment
*Miami face eating joke here*
If you like a little more poke that the one above this one's got you covered
and another closer look
Still very much in love with how this 930 looks
Rallye's (in my experience) are one those cars you don't see often but when you do they are always nice
This one won people's choice

Lyndsey’s Coverage

From the sounds of it Lyndsey arrived shortly after Scott left right before the weather really got unfavorable.

Hopefully the owner thought to throw an umbrella up there
Kinda looks like it reads 'I am Volkswagen the VW stig'
If I am not mistaken Josh is one of the people behind the event
Two tone working surprisingly well here, though it could be the whole bottom color and I wouldn't mind in the slightest
A lip of some sort would really finish this Corrado off I think
Can't readily recall the last time I saw a MkI Jetta coupe
Sinister looking MKIV
Contrasted by a Clean looking MKIV
Pfaff Auto brought out one of their McLarens
And their 964 project that I recently had a chance to shoot and ride around in
This car is on my long list of local cars to take more photos of
Rear look at the Audi Scott got an under hood shot of
At this point I am a yay on this car on Aero II's
Last time I saw this car was at Vagkraft and I never thought to see it one color
Suits it pretty well though
One of these cars is not like the other...
This is simply a gorgeous color
Steve showin' off his swap
Side profile of the VW bus that I posted on the fan page Monday
Gotta love that air-cooled camber out back
Looks like two of the same color in this shot
Lyndsey is a pretty big Bug fan so these last three are her favorites of the show

Big thanks to Scott (who recently started his own blog Woah!Low) and Lyndsey for covering this event in my absence.

Hopefully next year I can attend, finally.


  1. Good coverage, from what I hear it was a good show. Sad I missed it.

    Also upset that someone else (that merc, and I think there is a mk4 golf somewhere as well in the GTA) running my wheel set up! hahah

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