How many times is too many times?


This will be the third time I have dedicated a post to this A3.

Outside of Pedro’s car (who is local) and the EuroProjektz build I don’t think I have posted any other A3 quite as much.

Every time I see new photos of this car I just can’t seem to help myself.

Obsessed? Maybe.

Just a gorgeous stance
If you are on board with fitment like this then you agree this looks... perfect
Best looking A3 ever?


If you are wondering it didn’t snow this week so no Winter Wednesday, hell it is 5 degrees out right now.


  1. I’ve heard red is the new white which was the new black!

    What are the black squares on the front bumper? The running lights? We dont get them over here and I’d of deleted them and wired up the sidelights as DRLs or put an extra bulb holder in the main headlight to clean up the front bumper.

  2. Yea that’s pre-facelift…. those are just sidemarkers that have been smoked…. on the facelifted (2009+) ones, they have removed them completely and makes for a much cleaner looking front end.

    @Will…. what you know ’bout this?? silly ricer! 😛

  3. Verrry niiice!
    I do have an issue with this type of rear fitment though.
    What’s the point of the quarter sitting on the inside of the wheel lip? It either rides stupid hard/rough to drive low or he drives it pretty high.
    Why not pull the wheels in 5 mm and be dead flush when dumped and be able to “ride” low too.

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