And now for something completely different


How about a little change of, well… pace for today?

Change in the way of a 1979 Mustang pace car that has been done up pro touring style with Roush/Wilwood big (huge) brakes, a beautifully redone interior, custom 8.8 rear end, mini tubs and…

bags to put this right car at exactly the height the owner wanted.

According to the owner:

The Suspension feels great. Its not quite as soft/smooth as I thought it might be, but it definitely rides better than the car did on springs. Handles so much better than it ever did before too.

I feel safe in assuming previous featured ride owner Phil is cool with this.


Magazine feature page one and page two
Build Thread
Where I found it

Oh I almost forgot. The owner picked this up to drop between the fenders.

Ya dig?


  1. how can somthing uglyer than a hags wart be so cool?altho not loving the wheel tyre setup yes i dig!

  2. How did you guess? I have the SVTPerformance build thread bookmarked, I’m about halfway through it. Lot of work in that car!

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