Winter Wednesdays: Banzai!


Today’s  Winter Wednesday pic is pretty much on par with the weather we have been having here in the GTA. Small amounts of accumulation and a lot of slush and gray. I’m not really complaining but it’s not like I am stoked on it either. Anyway this 510 owner decided to have a little fun with the snow on his car.

I like 510s, infact I like them a lot. In a perfect world I would own one of them along with hundreds of other cars, too bad the worlds not perfect. This Banzai flag however is pretty perfect for being made out of snow on the hood of a car, maybe snow hood designs will be a new trend of winter 2010?

That 510 in the background looks like Anth's from buildthreads.. could it be?

Hopefully it’s dry enough today for me to wash my car, it’s filthy…


  1. Thats how much snow the GTA has?
    Shit, here in Burlington its still green grass.
    Dave, those banners should be good for next week.

  2. Snow hood art is nothing new for me, I’ve been doing it for years on friends cars… Except my designs are usually “I <3 Weiner" graffiti.

  3. Jon we actually don’t have any snow right now but that’s about as much as we have had when we did.

    Anth thanks for the info I’ll check out ratsun.

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