Going Against The Grain


I first saw this Subaru posted on Noah’s blog but until my friend Dave sent me the link to the picture thread on NASIOC I had not seen any photos of it in action. It’s good to see the owner uses the lift as it would have been a shame for him to build it just to get under the skin of people like myself and the crew over at HellaFlush.

No need to worry about speed bumps...
...with this much ground clearance you could run over a small animal and not even notice
I bet the HF guys got a chuckle out of this
Monster truckin!

I respect the owner for going against the grain but it sort of seems like he took his hate from one extreme and went to the other as it looks almost as silly as this.

However I will admit it looks like a lot of  fun drive in the mud. Thoughts?


  1. Haha, that last picture is a win in my book…. That looks hella fun.

    I think some of the HF guys were butt-hurt about his window banner… But lately, it seems that a lot of them on the internet have fan-boi syndrome to one degree or another — the “omg how can you hate on this it’s the best shit ever and nothing else is ever as good ever period ever” sort of thing, so of course it would get under their skin. Not all of them, but some of them…. The annoying ones.

  2. I bet the guys who run HellaFlush thought it was pretty funny they seem fairly laid back.

    What’s weird to me is that in the last pic the driver is completely straight faced!

  3. Yeah this guy gets a lot of credit in my books for originality/function…. Not my style but honestly, it doesn’t look that bad!

  4. I’ve never had any problem with the HF bloggers, they’re some of the coolest car guys on the web. It’s some of the little commenters that lurk about that can’t seem to take any hint of a joke…. Believe me, I know. *Roll eyes*

    “Ugh, not the mud again….. Oh well…. ” ?!

  5. I think the owner of the Subaru did a fantastic job making a subtle point, in a light hearted way. Nothing malicious, nothing derogatory, just pure ‘fun’ if you ask me. There are plenty of people on both sides that could have easily taken the ‘hate’ to the extreme side, but this Scooby just seems to be having fun with being different.

    Again, props to him for doing ‘his own thing’, but while at the same time keeping people cognizant of the fact, that cars are supposed to be extensions of ourselves on multiple levels..style, form, and function. I like to view my own car ownership (a 240) similar to that…I’ve built it my way, by myself, and only for myself…and nothing makes me happier than seeing the fanboy FFF crew get upset because I didn’t do what hundreds of others have done.

    • It’s not uncommon for people to rock functional products and not actually use them.

      I wasn’t too worried that was the case here but it was still nice to see.

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