Theme Tuesdays: Race Stance


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Race Stance

There is a  definite breaking point when it comes to stance and when it becomes more of an aesthetic modification over a purely functional one. I have discussed my thoughts on this before so I won’t go into large detail about it again but I feel that as long as the owner is happy other people shouldn’t get too upset. However I think that we can all agree that these cars  look great and perform just as great.

This Porsche is looking serious on a set of works
e30 m3 touring/dtm cars are works of art
Painted wheels and polished lips are nothing new
Tuckin' front and rear with a super low splitter, gotta love it
I swear if any other car had this color I probably wouldn't like it
These Saab's looked a little funny in street trim but down right mean like this
Imagine someone running that wing on the street? It would be unacceptable, works on the track though
Track flares > Ricer widebody
I like how this class of racing retains little things like the door handles and tri star emblem
I'm not the biggest Ferrari fan but I can't hate on this
Flush, low, fast
I know a few of my readers are Miata owners and will know way more about this one than me
Is it just me or does it look like the one in the rear has a bit of over steer kicking in?
I love the early 90s touring series cars always had nice stance and nice center lock wheels
Volvo touring wagons get nothing but love
No M bumpers or lips here
Another Volvo this one is getting a little loose
Spark it or park it!

Race stance can prove as inspiration for street stance so hopefully some of you wrenching over the winter got some ideas.


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