Theme Tuesdays: Motors Of Motorama 2020


What’s this a new Theme Tuesday? Yes! Well kind of. Right before everything hit the fan last year I was able to attend Motorama here in Toronto. It was actually the only indoor show I went to that year.

My coverage was originally slated for another outlet, but it got wrapped up in the initial COVID-19 chaos and ultimately forgotten. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what to do with this coverage and true to my recent ethos, I am just going to let it fly.

This car was actually built years ago by Stony at Oddball Customs. It has a 354 Hemi with Weiand blower
Keit’s Oldsmobile Rocket remains one of my favorite motors to take pictures of
If any car is really pushing me towards painting Project Why Wait’s engine bay white it is this one
The 1.8t in this Golf makes 500 horsepower, damn.
Twin Turbo SV7 07 Cobra
Usually the turbos would be hidden, but this is a show after all so bumpers be gone
More info on this turbo b mini can be found on (updates for that coming soon as well!)
Brian’s H22 Turbo Civic is another car that you should all be well and truly familiar with at this point, for a show bay this one is hard to beat
Nitro MFG hopped the border to bring this Ford to the show, which seems crazy now that air travel is restricted
Jeff Wybrow no longer has this motor in his truck, opting to switch to twin turbo LS for 2021
Click here to check out the mini feature of Adam Lewis’ Ranger if you have not already
I was lucky enough to write and shoot a feature on this LS powered Chevy Nova for Canadian Hot Rod magazine, great build by the Chassis Stop
And finally, another vehicle that’s featured on Swaps Are Everything

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