Theme Tuesdays: SEMA 2014 Fender Overdrive


People seem to be a little up in arms about the over saturation of wide-bodies, wide fenders, and bolt on fenders at SEMA 2014. But knowing that SEMA is an event designed to showcase the latest, greatest, trends and innovations of the automotive community, what did you expect?

Wide fenders, especially of the bolt on type, are extremely popular right now and tuners like Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny are leading the charge followed by a variety of one off fabricators around the globe.

Off all the trends the automotive community has birthed this is actually one of the better ones so in an effort to embrace our new wide fender over lords here’s an onslaught of fenders on steroids from this year’s SEMA show.

This E61 Wagon went the blister fender route and came out very well if you ask me. If the front came down just a hair more at resting height it would be perfect
Another blister style all metal example was this Fit built by Neil Tijin. A bit extreme for my taste but impressive none the less
Another blister style all metal example was this Fit built by Neil Tijin. A bit extreme for my taste but impressive none the less
Close by Neil’s entry was Kenny Vinces’ Honda fit
Bagged, boosted, and bottle fed this build as no joke
The flares went with the over all aesthetic quite well over all
Moving on from Honda’s there was a large showing of kitted bagged GTRs. Air Lift Performance had this beauty in their booth
The trunk install was incredible
There were a few GTRs Airrex kits too, like this Rocket Bunny example that was sitting in their booth
This Liberty Walk equipped model sat outside
and another Airrex/Rocket Bunny example sat in the RSV Forged booth
finally yet another Rocket Bunny model sat in all by it’s lonesome
With Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny being so dominant this year it was nice to see a RWB build in the Forgestar wheels booth.
Seemingly tired of being known as just a dress up brand Liberty Walk also had their kits on two very function Forward Porsche’s at the show. Speedhunters has a feature on this CSF Cooling, BBI Autosport build that boasts 668 HP
Personally I was partial to this one, the orange and black theme really made it pop
And the OUSCI stickers on the side hint that a day after the show it would be driven hard
Sitting in the NitroFil booth was this Rocket Bunny/HRE Wheels/Air Lift project, a great looking car
Of course there was also the Rocket Bunny Lexus RC, this car had quite the crowd around it at all times, otherwise there would be more photos of it
They say chrome (well matte silver technically) don’t get you home but hell this M4 disagrees
This second white M4 was in the Iforged wheel booth, and this shot gives you an idea just how much wider the car is after a LB kit
FD’s got the Rocket Bunny treatment as well, outside there was this rendition which was posted in part one of the 2014 SEMA show coverage
Inside Enkei had this stunner sitting on their new 6666 wheels
The ‘Ironman’ color combination works incredibly well on this car.
Stepping outside once more, I’m sure you all remember Kenji Yaminaka’s Rocket Bunny S15 from part one of the coverage


As you can see when I shot the car on the Monday it wasn’t quite finished as on Tuesday it had a lip and a lot of Vinyl
A quick peak under the hood reveals a Dodge R5P7 Nascar powerplant
Also outside, and oddly enough in the DUB booth, was the Liberty Walk 458 Italia
Which was beside the LB Kenmeri which is a car really quite unlike any other I’ve seen before
Heaven only knows how long those tires have been stretched on there for!
Since I manged to miss the Rocket Bunny NSX I will close things out with the Liberty Walk Aventador
Say what you will about the overfender ‘fad’ I doubt any of you would kick this out of your garage!

Check back tomorrow for even more coverage from SEMA 2014!


  1. So between the LB cars and the rocket bunny cars, how many vehicles did Kei Miura work on at this years show? I love most of them.

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