Event Coverage: SEMA 2014 – Automotive Buffet


Like most I love buffets, and every time I find myself in Vegas I wind up at one because it’s often easier to please a group of people with a little bit of everything instead of a lot of one thing.

The SEMA show is a lot like that, except there isn’t just a little bit for everyone, there’s a lot for everyone. Lifted, lowered, form, function, big, and small SEMA has it all which is why, above all else, myself and so many others love it so much.

Today behind the sneeze we’ve got a few Asian dishes, a few German, a hearty American plate or two, and one appetizing fusion. Enjoy!

Porsche Power

I actually think 2014 may have been one of the better years for P-cars at the show, or maybe I just noticed more of them, either way there were a lot of impressive varied examples in Vegas for 2014.

Bisimoto brought back his exposed twin turbo 911 that was first shown in 2012
He also had this big single turbo 911 at the show


Both Bisi and bbi Autosport were running Magnus Walker ‘Outlaw 52’ wheels
Not only Magnus’ wheels were at the show, the man himself was there too and here he is sharing the finer details of his under construction 911 67S RT project
At the moment the above shot was taken Magnus was discussing the lengthy process in which these fender louvers were created
Another detail of this build that caught my eye was the gas cap, simple yet very different than any other like the entire build
Bringing it to the show in an unfinished state was a great idea and something you don’t see too often at SEMA
Not far from the 67S was his famous 277 car, which he happily drove to and from the show
Sitting on a completely different side of the Porsche coin is the 911 DV8 project, which is one of the several projects I really wanted to see at the show
It was displayed in the Hawk Performance booth with the boot lid down to not take away from the wide body lines
I of course asked to take a peak at the LS that lurked within, which JUST barley fits in there

Hoonicorn RTR

Instagram and Facebook were a frenzy last week as Ken Block debuted his latest Gymkhana car, this mad max esque 68 Mustang notch-back. A collaboration with Vaugh Gittin JR’s RTR brand this car is leagues away from what people are traditionally used to seeing Ken drive, and should be pretty interesting to see in motion.

Sitting on 18×10.5 Tarmacs wrapped in 295/30/R18 rubber this car is impressive in the flesh to say the least
The 845hp Roush Yates Coyote motor should have no issue spinning those 295s either


Hopefully the next Gymkhana video is released soon so we can all see how well this monster actually performs

Bags On Bags On Bags

As cliché as it may be, I must say I am still a little surprised at just how popular air ride has become in the past few years. Yes air has always had a big presence at SEMA, but I feel pretty confident that a few years ago you wouldn’t see a bagged car in a booth like Wossner Pistons.

Noel Barnum’s Raw Heart Vortech supercharged FRS build on SSR Professor TF1s was sitting in the Airrex booth. It may have been the only one at the show with a Varis kit


Airrex also had this bagged Viper in their booth, which I think is the first of this generation to hit the ground
Accuair brought out a ’39 Ford Pickup for 2014
The patina’d exterior was contrasted by a flawless interior and engine bay
Just so all of you have nightmares might I direct you do the mask above the license plate
Sitting pretty in the Wossner pistons booth was this Infinite AutoDesign NSX
It sat on the ground via a Airrex/Accuair suspension set-up
Under the rear glass was a Vortech supercharger…
…that sounds absolutely incredible .

Bending corners the American Way

If there’s one thing I love it’s a good pro touring build, and if there’s something I love more than that it’s a balls to the wall race car built on an American platform.

As expected the SEMA provided both offerings.

Sta-Bil had this 575hp LS3 powered ’71 Camaro in their booth, which was actually the prize for a sweepstakes they were running
This Camaro has been smoothed extensively giving it a pretty unique, clean look
It also had a pretty fantastic tri-stage pearl paint job
I’ve been a fan of Ring Brothers builds since I first laid my eyes on The Producer and their Pantera build was a treat to see in person
True to Ringbrothers form it has a done of awesome details throughout
Fairly high on my list of cars I didn’t expect to see at the show was a Plymouth Valiant
Truth be told I’ve never seen a ‘Signet 200’ variant of the Valiant before
This car is actually a bangshift.com build and you can read more about it’s progression there
This Lingefelter Sting Ray looked pretty mean in the Continental tire booth….
…but in my opinion the meanest looking Corvette in the building was Brian Hobaugh’s monster
Yes, many have taken similar photos of the rear end of this car but I simply couldn’t resist having one of my own.
It took me awhile but I was able to track down the PCH Hot Rods C10R in the Spectre performance booth
This truck wears 335s (all around!) and sports a healthy LS1 under the hood
Who says a function first interior can’t look amazing?
According to the PCHRods Inc Facebook page this suspension set-up works really well, and once the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational results come in we will all know how well
I am going to end today’s post off with this second generation Camaro Go Pro was showcasing in their booth
Like the C10R this Camaro (dubbed Rampage) wore 335s all around on Jongbloed two piece wheels
Under the hood was a 750HP LS7 motor
The suspension is all Roaster shop in house designed and features Penske coil-overs on all four corners
I really wish that the car didn’t have the stanchions around it so I could get some better shots of how drastically the CF flares changed the look of the car but this will have to do

Check back tomorrow for a special SEMA based Theme Tuesday. I’m sure some of you have an idea what it might be.


  1. 1. How badass is it to be Magnus and just bring the car you’ve been daily driving for years to the SEMA show!

    2. That DV8 Porsche is amazing, except it’s a 996 and those headlights completely ruin it for me.

    3. That Rampage camaro… Love it! Question though… Why do all aftermarket intake kits go on and on about their smooth flow intake tubes but an insane one off 750HP custom gets to use inexpensive corrugated tubing? I call BS from those intake companies

    • 1. Very. Magnus, some cars at SEMA you wonder if they run, others you know never seen a trailer.
      3. Marketing? I think race cars might use the inexpensive tubing for ease of replacement.

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