SEMA Showstopper: Ring Brothers Producer


Picking a car to end the 2012 SEMA coverage with wasn’t exactly an easy task but I think this Ring Brothers built 65 Fastback is a fairly solid choice.

Known as “The Producer” it’s one of the best all round Mustang builds I have ever seen and the recipient of this years Goodguys Optima Batteries Street Machine of the Year award.

At four inches wider than stock and tucking 315/35/18s up front and massive 345/50/19s out back to say this ‘Stang had an impressive ‘pro touring’ stance would be an understatement but surprisingly the stance wasn’t the only thing that kept me looking at this build.

What really drew me in was the number of small details Jim & Mike Ring hid all around the car that only became noticeable the more you looked and even though I came back to the car several times I felt I could have spent much longer going over the entire thing.

The Roof and hood are CF and the additional material in the fenders, quarters and doors is all metal, the purple object you see there is the oil filter
A Keith Craft 427 stroker resides under hood which makes 740HP on 110 Octane fuel
The motor actually sits 7″ further back than stock to help with the weight distribution
The billet door handles were one of the first things that caught my eye outside of the more drastic modifications
The side charge port is arguably unnecessary but extremely well executed and unique
The custom gauge cluster with Classic instrument  gauges
Another one of the more interesting touches was putting the battery kill switch where the gas cap would go and the fuel filler in the drivers side vent window

Here are a few more angles and a better look at some of the details via Mustang Monthly and Ring Brothers:

The oil filter I mentioned earlier
Close look at the relocated fuel filler
Complete custom interior with details from under hood making their way inside and vice versa
The custom designed center lock 19×11 and 19×13 Foregeline wheels

Since the car was actually debuted last year I’m able to include a view videos of it driving in this post, enjoy.

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