Theme Tuesdays: Acura RSX Part II


It’s been awhile since the last RSX Theme Tuesday (so long I actually forgot I ever posted it) so it’s time to give the DC5 chassis another kick at the can.

One thing I realized while doing this post is that RSX owners really, really like RPF-1s.

Decided to limit things to only one on RPF-1s this post and this one on the black Chrome ones seemed like a good pick
Much like the Mazda 3 Ground MB Battles also seemed pretty popular
Local car on Classics
Kensai Racing RSX at the last CSCS for 2012
Love these SSR wheels on this car
There was at least one set of these Algernon Intelesse II wheels floating around locally
No matter the platform this is a great combination of colours
Kind of regret not taking more shots of this at SEMA
Missed the boosted K20
Clean as hell, I think these are Epsilon Mesh wheels but don’t quote me
Type S from Florida featured on
Another clean roller… odd site name
Something a little more function minded
Something right in between function and form
For the Sir Mix-a-Lot in all of us
Buddy Club Widebody
I remember this car from an awesome video
I remember seeing a huge debate on a fan page about this car and whether or not it was static
CIB feature RSX
Not sure if I would have gone with orange myself but it does work
Nice looking pair
This car came up a number of times in my search, interesting colour combo
Awesome shot by Ravi over at


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