Theme Tuesdays: The Acura RSX


A twitter friend of my @AhmadBrown is a serious RSX nut, one of his more recent tweets that said ‘Just got another RSX today. Good thing I’m not married or else my wife would freaking kill me.‘ tipped the scales in the favor of the RSX/DC5 being the subject of today’s Theme Tuesday.

The scale didn’t need that much of a tip however since I seriously considered getting one of these before I got my Mazda 3. In the end I opted for the Mazda 3 because it could carry more bikes and people at once than the RSX.

These are one of the rims I have my sights set on for the future
This speed bump is unessecarily large
Local RSX which I have seen at a show or two
Another shot of a clean local DC5
Another local car that was at Strech & Poke 1
Maybe I should keep my eye out for these wheels too...
Well done sir
This one is also very well put together
More equips
I came across this car a lot but thought this pic had the most impact
I have never seen a DC5 Type R in person...
Quite like this color
I gotta get out to the track
The flushness
This rear diffuser really cleans up the back end
Even more so when body color
Kudos to the photographer this shit is sick


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