Event Coverage: ’10 Maxbimmer Midnight Cruise


Keven and I headed out to the meeting spot for 2010 Maxbimmer midnight cruise on Friday night and while we didn’t go on the cruise itself from what I read it went off without incident which is great because a whirly bird was floating above the meeting spot at about 11:30.

There is always a great variety of cars at this spot (as it’s a meeting spot for other clubs as well) so here are some of the photos I took while Keven got a chance to catch up with some old faces.


Basically every type of car enthusiast stopped by for a bit here are the ones I was able to take a picture of before they left

This Nova loves to rock
A few VW guys showed up right before everything popped off
This RX-7 was dialed so I took a few pictures of it
I really liked the wingless look with the RPF-1s
Nice stance also


The expensive cars that came out, not to say BMWs are not expensive but these are more expensive?

Murdered e55
This guy brought out his Aston but opted out of the cruise, not a bad idea


Alright onto the bread and butter of the night, as it was a BMW meet after all.

Devon and the e30 crew
Nice 5er
A few of the E90 forum members came out
I liked this 335i really clean with a drop and oem parts
This is the finished product of the wide body 2002 build I have posted on here
The flares and bodywork turned out great
The purple on pearl white worked surprisingly well
Familiar looking clean e46
Figures the first time I see this car in person he doesn't have all four rims on
Bimmersport M Coupe
Clean dropped drop
Excellent wrap job on this car, and you already know how I feel about LMs
Turbo z3 on VS-XX's
I got to see Mike's swap in person, its ungodly clean
Shortly after the route was disclosed everyone entered into the night...

See you next year.


  1. that 2002 is awsome apart from the paint wich belongs on a low rider not a classic tuner what were thay thinking! i love the lm but im dubius about this 3m wrap becaus i like to look at things and think yeah that will last 50 years like when you rods from the 50’s its our history and id like to think we will have more than just photo’s to remember it by

  2. @slim ady – ya its really, really nice.

    @Phil – type of BMW I would drive for sure

    @Ollie that 2002 used to be two toned like this. I like the new colors over that. jagger DTM orange would have been sick also.

    I don’t think 3m wraps will last 50 years 😉

  3. hay 2002 guy your right your car is sick (im not realy a fan of 2 tone paint jobs on eny thing and i hate purple) are your rims ally cat’s? and but i aint jellus bro im working on my lil mini project quite happly thanks ;D

  4. 3m wraps will last @ 6 yrs. depending on how they were produced. Laminated the graphics will last almost 10 yrs w/ care.

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