Theme Tuesdays: Minitruck Inspired Cars


You guys already know that I am a sucker for both minitrucks and nostalgia.

So when a thread calling for minitruck inspired cars appeared in the Minitruckin, Where Are They Now? Facebook group I had save a few photos for those of you who are not a member, or have steered away from social media entirely.

It’s worth noting, when I say minitruck inspired, I mean wild paint, billets, speakers shaved everything and of course a slammed stance.

All the glorious original Minitruck styling vibes.

Tenth Generation Thunderbirds were a staple spotted vehicle of my youth
As were Plymouth Sundance/Dodge Shadows modified ones on Lexanis were quite rare of course..
Also can’t forget Ford Escort GTs, which I have no problem admitting I used to like quite a bit in the right hands
This Aerostar is mental, peel the folding… back body?
Amigos were a vehicle I never saw much of growing up. Neat little things and this one is awesome even today
This car is apparently M.IA somewhere in Indiana, as you can see by the truck in the rear it fit in well
Check out the extended hood over the headlights on this Accord. Unexpected trick, but not bad!
One of the best things about ‘mini truck cars’ is the creative lengths owner’s went to put them on the ground
That looks like a large nitrogen tank flanked by a cantilever set up
Sadly you can’t make out much more from this angle, but the owner does still have it!
This is a later build, but the minitruck influence is still strong
This turbo CRX was parted out shortly after a run on the show circuit
This Roadmaster is an icon in the minitruck world, and for good reason. Look at all the detail buried in the paint!
It’s still around today, which is impressive. Actually in general more vehicles are still around than you’d expect
The same unfortunately cannot be said for this car…
… after becoming pretty wild in it’s own right it was eventually scrapped

I often wonder how many cars from today will be around ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now? Makes sites like mine super important for archival purposes!


  1. They all look like they would have rolled out the pages of Sport Compact Car magazine in the early ’90’s, when they were more into looks than performance. Kind of an early forerunner to the whole stance thing…

    I used to say that I was into stanced cars when it was just called “low car with nice wheels” 🙂

    • I might do a Theme Tuesday based on cars I liked when I started this site to now and see how dated they look. Styles sure to change quickly!

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