Lower than a snakes belt buckle


I’ve already shared a few of my favorite Mazda Speed3s here with you, SumThaiGuys white one on SSR Long Champs and the Fat and Flush black one on 17×9 RPF-1s, are two recent examples and I’m about to throw this one from Black Mamba Motor Sports into the mix because it’s another speed3 I think looks really, really good.

This car is a great example of what can be accomplished with a realistic budget, a healthy drop, and a little originality when choosing a paint color for your wheels.

Looks like a car you wouldn't want to meet in a back alley
This Mazda 3 wears these Evo wheels better than the Mitsubishi ever did
The money shot, this really shows just how low this car really is

The car is on KW variant 1 coilovers and the wheels (if you don’t recognize them) are 18×8.5 Evo X Enkeis fit with 245/40/18 tires.

More info on this car can be found in his thread here on Mazda 3 forums and I was altered to the recent photos of this car via Mazda Fitment’s facebook page.

I’m still a little jealous of the speed 3 being able to tuck more aggressive wheels up front, just sayin’…


  1. Best one i’ve seen so far I think ! Original wheel colour, not so certain about 😛

    and how does it ‘where’ those wheels, dude? >.< Your mondays must be much like mine lol

  2. Hey! Thanks for the kind words, dude! I really appreciate it.

    It’s hard to keep up with all the 3’s that are in the game because they raise the bar higher, and higher, so it’s nice to get some love from the community.

    And thanks for plugging Black Mamba Motorsports as well! They’ve been great to me, and I’m glad they’re getting a bit of coverage as well.

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