WTF Friday: Legit Kit


It looks like since I left high school my auto teacher has been busy, really busy. He’s moved on from turning clapped out Pontiac Fieros into Lamborghini Countach, and Ferrari 355 Spiders, replicas and is now creating full tube chassis BMW V12 (M70 I think) powered Diablo replicas.

Helping build a Lamborghini kit had a big impact on my life as a car enthusiast so it’s awesome to see that he’s still working away at it, and still passing on the love and knowledge of cars to other impressionable youth who would rather be putting welding burns in their shirts than learning calculus.

Mr. Dinner, or I suppose I can call him Jim now, spent a hell of a lot of time making sure that this replica would be the best one he’s done yet and has documented a lot of it on his blog

Door hinges, interior pieces, double hinged wipers, transmission bits for the v12, and the exhaust are just some of the things he engineered himself to make this car look and perform as close to the real thing as he could.

Anyone with enough money can go out and buy a super car but to build one yourself with your own to hands in your own garage is something I respect.

One thing I remember from high school is that these shells never look right from the factory
Every panel gap needs some sort of addressing.
He made sure the angel of the doors matched that of the engine cover
The BMW v12 has been covered to disguise its origin
He even printed his own idiot lights for the custom dash cluster
The interior
Fresh out of the paint booth
Damn near complete
Gotta say it's pretty convincing
Setup for the video below

Site updates

I’ve been talking to Mat at Seche Media this week and the store should be completely restocked by Monday.

Once it is and I do a quick product shot update to the store I am going to be putting some things on sale late next week or early the following week.

Those of you who visit the site (as oppose to just subscribing via RSS) may have also noticed that the site’s header has changed slightly to incorporate the rotator on the main page.

It took awhile for me to actually get around to it but I have finally started rolling out design tweaks. I’m going to continue to change a little more over the weeks to come.

Nothing drastic just a little spit shine.

Flashback Friday

Since I got rid of it here is a throwback to the Pantera that served as the header car of this site for so long.

If anyone has more info on this I would love to have it

My body’s finally healing so maybe I’ll get some BMX shred on this weekend…


  1. I just wish they would leave the Fiero’s alone, we’re starting to run out of them, in fact I’d wager more are kit cars than stock examples. That Pantera? Drool worthy, check out the Vallelunga, in my opinion one of the best looking cars of all time.

  2. I had Jim as my auto teacher at Streetsville as well!

    Great teacher, even better guy…Showed me a lot of awesome things about cars, and a handful of awesome cars in general.

    I must go back and visit him at some point before schools out this year.

  3. @Joe I am not sure who would ever keep track of such a thing but you might be right. I can go months without seeing a single Fiero.

    Never heard of the Vallelunga before but I like what I see, De Tomaso’s were rad in general.

    @Dan ya Dinner was awesome, I went back fro 2 years after I graduated just to work on my e30. If I went back now though people might get worried something was up. Might reach out and see if I can go see this kit sometime though.

  4. That is some insane work, I can only start to think of the sweat and blood put into a project this scale!

    For Fiero, not to sure about Toronto but out here in NB I spotted 1 original, 2kits and the rest were junked. Not a very good ratio if you ask me. 🙁

  5. ive only ever seen one picture of a fierothat was just modded and not made to look like somthing els i think joe is right america doesnt have the likes of mini’s, caterham 7’s ,daverion’s, cox gtm’s ,alpine a110’s ,renault clio v6’s or rene bonnet/marta djet’s to be proud of so when america turns out a proberly good car it should be cherished by the way my favorate maso of all time is the de tomaso sport 1500 giugiaro

    Dave,there a british ( i think thay are) company that makes perfect diablo reps there so good that real diablo owners have been bying parts from them to repair and restore there rides

  6. Wow, this is awesome! Looks so legit, I love the fact that he went to the effort to put a V12 in it when a small block V8 would have been the easy option. Might throw it up on the site, wish I had teachers like this in highschool!

  7. Ollie, do they use BMW v12s as well? If so I think I came across them when searching exactly what power plant was in there.

    Anth, let me know if you put it on the site and I will make sure he sees the link!

  8. i cant remember im staying meryem at the moment so im away from my stuff when i get some time il let you know

  9. I agree Mr. Dinner had a huge impact on my “car” life as well it’s so nice to see him continuing to shape the minds of our youth with these amazing builds.

    Keep it up!

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