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sumTHAIguy on the Mazda3forums has been pushing Mazda fitment, more specifically Mazda speed 3 fitment, for awhile now going a little lower and a little wider each time. After looking great on 350Z rims for a quick second he bolted up his new set of kicks, SSR Longchamps XR4Z kai’s, and knocked the doors of possibility down for the speed3 in regards to ride height,  stretch, and poke.

This current setup isn’t for the faint of heart, at 18×9.5 +13 this car is a stark contrast from the speed3 I posted last week.

However based on the mostly positive feedback the video of him getting out of his driveway got on the facebook fan page quite a few of you dig his new look.

Bolting the new setup up this is the point where I would be worried
Lookin' pretty good at a stand still
The owner of the 3 behind him has been pushing regular Mazda 3 hatch fitment for awhile too
Out onto the road, pebble pushing status achieved
His bumper is basically quick release status these days
Like I said, not for the faint of heart
Love this picture

It’s my hope that this current setup sticks around for a bit, or at least long enough for him to sort out those rubbing issues, because it does look really impressive setup like this.

However after following his thread on M3F for awhile now I have a feeling this setup only has a little while before he thinks of something else…

Photo Credit: Kaze/Kevin-Nigel


    • As far as I know it’s BC coils with the same shorter cartridges I have, sprint springs, and just the springs no perches in the rear. The most recent addition would be the custom camber arms.

  1. I absolutely love the stance of this MS3…only issue is if you can’t get it out of your own driveway, then rolling work needs to be done our raise the rear 1/4″…the only driveway one must clear is his own IMO…….only excuse to my own rule is if ramps are made, theb that is even more hard core lol

  2. I dunno where to start… I like cars that look good, but there are limits. What’s the point of modding a car to the point where you have to do $1000 worth of bodywork to repair damage suffered while exiting your own driveway? That’s just beyond silly if you ask me. I’d never even consider driving a car that is that low, let alone spend money to make it that way. To each his own, though. If he enjoys blowing cash and/or doesn’t care about the consequeces, more power to him!

    And before anybody goes postal on me, my own car is low enough to make hard contact with the road at any speed from speed bump to highway speeds, but the damage is not visible, and it doesn’t affect the way I drive the car.

  3. love the wheels and fitment. can’t decide if this guy is plain crazy or just very brave. either way i wish him a lot of very flat roads 🙂

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