Theme Tuesdays: Lexus LS400s


About this time two weeks ago I posted up a clean LS400 and put forth the question about whether or not I should do a full LS400 Theme Tuesday.

The response I got was basically a resounding ‘yes‘ so I hit up Aidan, who I normally ask about Lexus/VIP matters, and he helped provide some links and photos to pull this together.

These big Lex sedans look really good dropped, wish I had a chance to see more of them in person.

Lots of stagger on this LS
Don't see a lot of Work Carving Heads these days
These photos look older but the car holds up well
They look like behind the scenes photos I wonder where the finals are
Could use a little more contrast but nice overall
One part of Toronto's very small VIP community
This cars just on the verge of Oni Camber
Radius-ed fenders, slammed, white letters hell, sick
Like the one last week this wears its two tone well, and that plate? Hilarious
It's interesting how smooth a lack of wipers makes a car
Huge, polished Equips
Is it just me or is that a giant house?
Looks like sliding a big sedan like this has a bit of a learning curve
Basically perfect
Not always a fan of gatling gun headlights but they look good here
Rollin heavy, rollin hard

Thanks for the tips and photos Aidan!


  1. You’re welcome Dave 🙂

    I am always willing to help out 🙂 …and by the looks of it, you have more than enough for a Part 2 😉 muahahaha

    BTW, the Red LS400 w/ the Gatling Gun headlights is for sale.

  2. aidan an dave@ nice one bro’ses i like the bumpers on the first 2 best i dont realy know much about them but yeah clear repeaters + platenum silver 😀 look sick

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