Winter Wednesdays: On the plus side


Today’s Winter Wednesday is a bit different than all of the ones I have posted previous. It contains two cars and both get covered in snow and slush, but only one has it’s tires set on the ground, the other is just along for the messy ride.

The owner of these cars, Zakinen (from, is a pretty lucky guy he drives a dropped Subaru Forrester as a daily and on days he’s not working he uses it as a tow rig for his  ae86 track car.

Those of you who read Speedhunters may remember his cars from a recent post called ‘Pulling in style‘ which he certainly does.

Perhaps the perfect combo?

One day in December he decided to take his AE out to a track day at the Grobnik track in his homeland of Croatia.

He spent the night before hand getting everything ready and loaded onto the trailer with no idea that while he was sleeping mother nature was going to try her best to completely ruin his plans.

Like a true Subaru owner when he woke up and saw snow on the ground he didn’t skip a beat.  He checked the forecast and saw that no more snow was going to be falling on the track so he fueled up and rolled out.

Everyone else now has no excuse for not taking it to the track
Ugh weather like this is depressing

On the way to the track things got really messy for both cars but since no more snow was falling he forged on in hopes he would be able to stretch his Toyota’s legs out on the track.

Poor car got filthy and not driven

Once he got to the track however there was a small problem, it was covered in so much snow that even the track operators couldn’t quite tell where it was and therefore didn’t know where to send the plow.

How did he over come this problem? He looked up the track layout on his phone, unhooked his Forrester and hit the gas.

Zakinen off to find the track
Looks like he eventually found the track
It also looks like he found lots of fun

After having some fun with his Forrester on the snowy track with a few other adventurous 4×4 owners he reluctantly called it a day, packed up, and headed home without ever getting to take his Hachi out on the track.

Next time.



  1. My first car was an ’84 Corolla SR5, the AE85. My only automotive regret is selling it. I wish I had kept it & maybe eventually swapped in the AE86 twin-cam motor. I’ll own another one someday.

    Thanks for this article. Great story and pics!

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