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Stumbled upon this Honda Accord wagon a few days ago and while the ride height is quite low its the wheels that made me ‘right click save as’. They are most certainly not the type of rims you would expect see on an import but they actually don’t look too out of place on this wagon.

A little different but not bad at all in my opinion.

I wish I knew the specs, but I am going to say fairly tall 18s or higher judging by the amount of camber needed to get them to fit.

Parking garages, a classic photo shoot location
Does Honda still make a good looking wagon?
Tires probably don't last too long before a flip
Reserved, low only

Hat tip to the owner for choosing rims out of a different catalog than everyone else.


  1. is it just me or do they almost seem like something you would see on a muscle car? And i dont think i have ever seen a honda wagon… maybe i have just didnt know it was a honda lol

  2. Hey that’s my old wagon, I built it. The wheels are centerline smoothies 18×8 +12mm offset with 215/35-18 tires. It had a two pump prohopper hydraulic settup and I brought the front uppers in at the mounts using a 3 deg camber kit flipped,and the rear I sectioned the stock uppers. I had the wheels sitting around from a ditched project and I needed tires for the wheels that were on it so I said F it and did the 5 lug swap and mabe them work. Damn I miss that wagon. Thanks for the kind words

  3. I LOVE IT!!! This is my favorite Honda wagon body style of all time. Even better than the 94 body style adn every other trash looking body after it. I had a ’91 accord wagon. Always wanted one as a kid(I’m a sucker for hatches/wagons), finally got one and someone backed into the side while I was at work. So when I asked her insurance to paint it back it would have totaled the car. I was sooooo pissed, it was mint on the inside and fully paid for(obviously). So I had the option to take what they would offer or sell it to them and let them total it over a dent in the rear door. I had decent rims on it at one point(put it up over a curb bent 2 of the 4) and wanted to hook it up, but that never happened. I always wanted to do it like 60’s rat rod style. Flat black, white pinstripes, air ride laying frame, black factory steelies. That would have been pretty sweet. I ended up taking their check, and sold it as is with the dent. I still have a soft spot for these. You rarely see them at all, much less modified. So this is a treat to see this.

    And to answer your question about Honda making any good wagons currently. The answer is NO. The newer wagons all look like cross over CRV’s IMO.

  4. No problem Dave. Big fan of the site so when I seen it it brought me back and made me feel good. Those pics were takin about 5 years ago too. I know the wheels arnt for most but I loved them.

  5. Hey John I remember you from the AWC forums! Your wagon was a pretty big hit over there. Not sure if you remember or not, but I had that green fifth gen on Work Ryver’s.

  6. It has a wish bone suspention. So. Back. Wheels r smaller and iots got a air bag ride so. The wheels. Str8n. Out and they look like 280-300 width

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