Body Dump


I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter lately (just started season 4) and it most certainly had an influence on the title of this post.

The owner of this early body s10 certainly doesn’t murder people but he has killed any sign of gap between those up-sized Iroc reps and his Hot Rod Flatz painted fenders with a healthy body drop and air ride setup.

The built 350 under the hood is also sure to take a few miles of the life of the tires on those 20s.

About three or so years ago I wanted to do this same thing to a Blazer and truthfully I still sort of do…

This truck was destined to be posted here once I saw this shot
Drag that sh!t
The cowl/intake hood setup on this truck is like none I have seen before
350 bored over, ported and polished, planed heads, 500 lift 302 duration competition cam, pistons, holly 750,
If this truck was any other color I probably wouldn't like the hood but I do in this case


Maybe one day I will try and build another truck….maybe


  1. It looks like the cowl actually helps the air to be forced into the intake, though the rear of the hood may only exhaust engine bay heat. Pretty cool.

  2. Perfect title and as the top photo loaded my mind pictured murder, death, kill of another kind. This post lived up to the title and well that thought I had…hmmm…its still a deadly looking, murder painted truck which kills the S10’s from yesteryear. One day I’ll own one again as well.

  3. Whenever I see this generation of S-10 (no matter how clean it is), I instantly think of guys in the local technical college that chop the springs and bolt the axles to the frame on a rusty old mini truck. I’ve never really been a fan.

  4. theres actually an identical truck local to us, with the exception of the hood.
    He showed up at a low class customs meet one night at hutches

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