WTF Friday: So you like burnouts?


The first video I in today’s post I saw Monday and thought to myself damn that was pretty awesome wonder why it took someone so long to do it. Then, a few days later my friend Marc sent me the second video which was more surprisingly more ridiculous than the first.

I am a big fan of vehicle on vehicle burnouts, environmentalists and the local authorities might not be but I think I have made enemies out of them long ago.

Site Updates

New featured photographer confirmed for Monday, actually it’s written and has been written since last Monday but I’ve decided to wait until this Monday to post it.

I am also going to be checking out a local facility tomorrow that’s all about classic cars which should be an awesome expirence to say the least. I’m bringing my camera so I should have that next week.

I’ve been meaning to go for awhile now and finally arranged all the details with them to make it happen. Keep an eye on facebook/twitter for live updates while I’m there.

Speaking of next week, Tuesday to Friday I am doing some more off-site training at work which means that posts will probably happen before (breakfast) and after (dinner) work just because I can’t really gauge how much time I will have to sneak away to blog during the training.

Posts won’t stop though.

Flashback Friday

The Accord Wagon I posted yesterday reminded me that I did a Theme Tuesday on cars with smooth wheels

I love this CRX, you?


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