This first time I came across this 51 Chevy COE it was posted on another stance blog where the writer stated that it was fairly irrelevant to the forms of stance they normally showcase.

That statement struck me as odd because to me flush, poke, tuck, drag, lowrider, vip, whatever your suspension alteration poison happens if at the end of it all it’s awesome that’s all that matters.

This thing just looks fun to cruise, and judging by the owners photos all over The Netherlands, it is.

The truck now sits on a A 1972 1/2 ton GMC Pickup chassis
A Buick big boy 455 engine sits behind the stubby nose
Shot of the rear end of this magnificent beast
The truck is also, obviously, bagged all around
Look at all those Swiss troopers out at what looks to be a cold rainy show
Slammed at Sunset

More pictures can be found at

Wonder what kind of sparks it throws…


  1. That is like pure awesomeness….. It has so much character it’s unbelievable.

    Unfortunately even in the stance camp you have a subdivision of cliques, like the VIP guys, flush, VW’s, whatever else.

    There’s no right way to build a car for everyone, there’s just the right way to build your car for you.

  2. A friend of my send me the link to this Blog. Very Cool To see my truck photo’s on this Blog.
    Thanks fore the nice comments everyone makes. A small correction: the truck Cab is from 51 and the foto’s are from our vacation to Zweden last year. We went to 4 car shows in 2 and have week. See the website fore photo’s. We drove A perfect 3200km (2000mile) Lots of great attention. See A video on
    Can someone tell me on which other blog my truck whas on?
    Greetings and have fun driving/building cars and trucks.

  3. You should make some kind of mention of the Gravatar thing, it looks like not many of us have one… It’ll bring some color to the comments sections!

  4. […] naar huis over de openbare wegen met veel gepruttel, wel grappig dat ik deze truck eerst al op een Canadese website tegen kwam voordat ik de wagen in het echt mocht bewonderen! dit is gewoon de stoerste Amerikaan die ik dit […]

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