Winter Wednesdays: Harley in the snow


Some of the long time readers, or those of you who have looked through the Theme Tuesday archives, may have noticed I have a bit of an attraction to VW Harlequins.

I like these cars because you don’t see them often and when you do they can’t be missed.

Seeing one thats winter driven never crossed my mind until I saw rabriolet of vortex not given a damn and pushing his through significant accumulation.

The white makes the multicolored panels pop even more.

That... is a lot of snow
Personally days like these are when I become a hermit and play ps3
Pushin along
His previous winter mode used these Schmidts, glad he got some other winters 🙂


Here are some pictures of yesterdays COE being badass out in the snow

So amazing
I would plow my drive like this every day
I mean why not right?

All the heating and cooling cycles this winter have made the roads pretty rough so be easy out there.


  1. sweeeeeet im starting to properly love that truck
    i always think its weird when you see harly that people have made that arnt even vws lol

  2. that golf is from maine isnt it….? bci remember seeing that one or one just like it when i lived there.

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